“Bonucci? Go to that Milan chosen without logic”


MILAN NEWS – The pungent statements drawn from Giorgio Chiellini’s book continue. The Juventus captain comments on Bonucci’s choice to go to Milan

Leonardo Bonucci in Milan-Arsenal, @acmilan

MILAN NEWS – In these days several statements are emerging contained in the biography of Giorgio Chiellini. After the controversy with Mario Balotelli, the AC Milan captain spoke of Bonucci’s choice to go to Milan. Here is his comment: “Leonardo was shaken for a thousand reasons. I was sorry, because everything happened in the weeks when we didn’t see each other: I am sure that if it had happened at another time I would have made him think and stay. Like Conte in that July 2014. They always leave when I’m not there … With Leo I spoke that everything was already established, something without logic from start to finish. I could have understood if he had gone to Real Madrid, but in that Milan? Fortunately, fate wanted everything to come back in order. ”

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