Bonomi: ‘Between 700,000 and 1 million jobs at risk’ – Economy


“We await the data, the data from the end of May but there is talk of something between 700 thousand and one million jobs that would be at risk. Then they are blocked by decree but the risk is there.” So the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, in a meeting of Fondazione Fiera Milano. “In Italy – he added – it is thought that work or innovation is created by decree. The economy is different. So either we free up resources or we will not grow as a country. Jobs are created if there is growth and investments. ” “We must not think that the resources are finally – added Bonomi – because this is not the case. It is right to support the emergency for a certain period but the feeling is that we are imagining that after the pandemic everything returns as before”. “It is thought – he concluded – that layoffs can be suspended by law, as if a law can keep jobs, the market and customers. Unfortunately, this is not the case because the economy is different”.

“I see the political class, I am not talking about the Government, very focused on the emergency but with zero vision and zero strategy on where we need to go. This worries me a lot.” The president of Confindustria and Fiera Milano, Carlo Bonomi, said during a meeting organized by the Fiera Milano Foundation. “There are fundamental knots – added Bonomi – that we have to face today. I think of the automotive, the tax department, which must be a lever of competitiveness and not only as a tool for revenue, and work. I also think about infrastructures and great works and the world of steel “.
“I see a policy – he concluded – that has different positions even within the same parties and therefore everything becomes difficult and complicated. We have, therefore, a series of issues to be addressed, free from party interests or electoral dividends”.

“The day yesterday – said Bonomi – gave us hope (about the recovery fund, editor’s note) but let’s not delude ourselves. I would not want us to delude ourselves – he added – that these funds, we have about 172 billion, will arrive tomorrow morning. It will be a long journey to have them and will be subject to many negotiations. So the question is how we will take that money and how it will be spent. “


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