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“The weekly report, which arrived last night from the ISS, allowed us to note with great satisfaction that the parameters of the infection are all within the thresholds, we have no critical issues, values ​​that trigger alarms. We therefore trust that on June 3 borders of the region may open up. ” This was announced by the president of the region Alberto Cirio in a press conference at the Reggia di Venaria to present the interventions for tourism. “We want to reopen prudently but forever,” he said.

“There is a government, there are indicators collected at national level, we all work together. I say that it still takes caution to understand if we are in a new and different phase or not,” said the Lombard Welfare Councilor Giulio Gallera speaking of the possible reopening of regional borders on June 3, explaining that “to make an overall assessment of what is the spread” of the infections after the reopening of phase 2 “the cardinal date is June 8”.

“It is the government that has to decide and if it should consider that there are still no conditions for Lombardy, I think it is right to restart the others and still maintain a little caution with respect to the circulation of the Lombards”. This is the opinion of the mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, on the debate that has opened in view of the possible resumption of mobility between regions from June 3 and a possible extension of the stop to ‘wait’ for Lombardy. The former prosecutor, in stressing that it is not “discrimination but only caution in the interest of all”, added: “I believe that nobody, including the Lombards, hopes that there will be a new spread of the virus that could bring us back to the lockdown. So enough with discrimination, grudges, sentences or retaliation because the issue is health and therefore if the government tells us that everything is fine and it would be a good sign for the whole country to start together and it would be especially for Lombardy. who paid the highest price, but if this were not the case, it is right that the rest of the country be opened because in the Center-South, including the islands, mobility would be possible today “. “I don’t see – he concluded – why we would have to pay this price again also because if instead of Lombardy it had been Calabria, for example, that still had a high contagion situation, Lombardy would have already restarted and Calabria would have been put in a concrete envelope and armored “.

The use of the mask will no longer be mandatory on the street in Veneto from next June 1st. It will continue to be indispensable “in closed places accessible to the public (bars, shops, etc.), and outside only on occasions when it is not possible to continuously guarantee the safety distance between non-cohabiting partners”. The new regional ordinance announced by Luca Zaia, which will have value from 1 to 15 June. The measure should be signed in the afternoon.

“I hope we can start again on 3 June, but I don’t decide, the Government will establish it, having assessed the epidemiological data and having heard the technical-scientific committee. Today in Emilia-Romagna the risks of infection are very low, we don’t risk at all not I hope that all 3 can be restarted, it would mean that all the Regions, including Lombardy, are considered to be at a low risk of contagion “. The president of the Emilia-Romagna Region said during a video interview on the Facebook page of Cantiere Bologna Stefano Bonaccini on travel between regions. “They tell us that a rebound of the infections could take place in the autumn – added the governor – we must be careful. We continue to maintain social distancing and use of protective devices. The virus has not yet been killed, only the vaccine can do it when there is So calm and chalk: we have not won everything – he concluded – but it is right to return progressively to the previous life “.

“No to the health passport: it would be unmanageable, but how do you do it? It takes a national measure, one cannot decide it according to one’s territory. Then how do you manage it? We must also be careful not to give a region a greaser rather than to another, “said the president of the Emilia-Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini.

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