Bologna, life sentence for Igor the Russian confirmed – Appeal


Life sentence confirmed on appeal in Bologna for Norbert Feher. The sentence for the Serbian, known as ‘Igor the Russian’, detained in Spain, was read after an hour and a half of the council chamber by the Court of Assizes of Appeal, chaired by the judge Orazio Pescatore, who accepted the request of the deputy attorney general Valter Giovannini. The defense had instead asked for a psychiatric report.

Feher, arrested in December 2017 after 8 months in hiding, is responsible for the murders of the barista from Budrio Davide Fabbri and the volunteer of Portomaggiore Valerio Verri and the attempted murder of the provincial police officer Marco Ravaglia (now present in the classroom), committed on 1 and l April 8, 2017, between Bolognese and Ferrarese.

“We have seen grinning smiles disappear in the presence of the prison tunnel from the faces of many analogues and ferocious murderers – said Giovannini in his indictment – Fatally, it will also happen to him who never, I say never, has spent half a word of remorse for what he has done and respect for the totally innocent people towards whom he has promoted himself a ferocious executioner. Slowly, by applying the law, turn off that grin in the next long decades that Igor will pass to prison. ”

“The post delictum behavior must be included among the criteria for assessing the personality and therefore for adjusting the penalty. Well, escaped from Spain, what does he do? Robbery and then kill three other people in cold blood”. Before being arrested, Feher assassinated two Guardia civil agents and a breeder in the Teruel area of ​​Aragon. And he had previously attempted to kill two more people. Giovannini then showed photos of the Spanish trial where the Serbian killer smiles and makes the sign of victory with his fingers.

Feher, in the prison of La Coruna, did not attend the hearing even on video, defining his non-fundamental presence. He was acquitted of a charge, an attempted robbery against a Pakistani man, between the two crimes, but nothing changes in terms of punishment.

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