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Coronavirus, laboratory analysis (Fiocchi archive photo)
Bologna, 28 May 2020 – Half a sigh of relief at Bologna Calcio: the buffer of a staff member – already excluded Mihajlovic -, who yesterday, just under 24 hours ago, had highlighted a doubtful result on the presumed positivity of the person concerned, gave today unsuccessful. Anxiety and tension that are loosened, however, albeit partially: the next few hours will therefore be decisive, given that a further in-depth examination will be carried out to understand whether or not it is possible to definitively exclude positivity.

Today will also be decisive for the rest of the A league, given that a summit will be held between the Minister of Sport in the afternoon Spadafora and the main football positions in the country, to decide the future of the top Italian championship.

The Bologna, let the club know, in any case this afternoon will take the field to Casteldebole for individual and spaced workoutsas a precaution. Mihajlovic and his hope therefore to be able to avert the hypothesis of forced withdrawal – would be held, possibly, at the Savoia Regency Hotel – and to be able to continue, after today’s day and certain that the second test will also give a negative result, with group training , which started last week and stopped abruptly after the news that, yesterday afternoon, had made the frost fall on Casteldebole.

This is the club note: “The first control test carried out on the team-team member whose last examination had shown a doubtful result gave a negative result. In the next few hours, a further and final in-depth examination will be carried out. As a precaution, however, today’s training will be in individual form. ”

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