Bolivia, three children get bitten by a black widow to become Spider-Man


Incredibly suggestible, three children got bitten by a black widow believing they were Spider-Man. It happened in Bolivia and the three of 12, 10 and 8 years were super-injured: they did not become superheroes, but at least they did not die as expected after the meeting with the spider. The episode was told by the epidemiological manager of the Bolivian Ministry of Health, Virgilio Pietro, during one of his latest daily reports on the coronavirus in the country.

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The children, from Chayanta, a village of 15,000 inhabitants about 370 km from the government capital, La Paz, had gone to a field to take care of the goats.

The three had found a baby spider black on the road, small, but one black widow, and they have they tried to experiment if the tale of their comic hero was true, who got the superpowers after having had the spider bite.

First, the largest of the three was bitten, who had teased him with a stick. Then the other and finally the smaller one. The symptoms of poisoning were immediately felt. Mom immediately took them to the Chayanta health center. Then, since the three did not improve, they were transferred to the Llallagua hospital. However, the situation has complicated. So they were transferred to the Paz children’s hospital, with muscle pain, sweating, fever and general tremors. They were saved by a whisker, thanks to the effectiveness of the anti-poison serum.

According to what Telemundo tells, the official told the episode as a teaching for the parents, so that “be careful”, because “for children everything is real, films are real, dreams can be real and they are ours illusion for a lifetime. ”


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