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Health passport? Re-read article 120 of the Constitution: a Region cannot adopt measures that hinder the free movement of people. And then if the scientists say that there are no health passports, there are none. “Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia said in a hearing at the Federal Tax Commission of the Chamber.

“In the next few days, with the last click that will bring the country to move again, there must also be common sense. If all the regions share without distinction on the profile of the citizens of each region, the distinction between citizens of one city compared to the other does not it is expected, if we are healthy we move. It is different to provide for a quarantine phase, but we are not in that condition. And even then we need an agreement between the parties “, adds Boccia.

The Lombard provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Lodi and that of Piacenza in Emilia Romagna “experienced a massacre, the rest of the country a drama. I would not compare those provinces to the rest of Italy, “continues the minister talking about possible financial measures to support the economy of those areas.

“There are not sanitary materials blocked if they are for the Regions. he ensures – the Customs Agency has done a very difficult job to block the export of medical materials not intended for Italian hospitals, such as swabs, reagents, lung fans, addressed to private individuals abroad. When some imports from abroad destined for the Regions were blocked, an email was enough to unlock them. And so it was done. There was not always the name of the Region, they were purchases through private intermediaries. Different if they were materials intended for private individuals in Italy to do business, in that case they were blocked. The presidents of the regions have always been informed of this “.

“The call for recruitment civic assistants – says Boccia – is the same as for doctors, nurses, social and health workers. It has a different purpose, it is not a substitute for anything else, I am a great supporter of the Third sector. As ASLs, RSAs, volunteer prisons, mayors asked or not could they ask us the same thing? Because the mayors asked us to. “” Civic assistants have exclusive social purposes, there has never been a document written that they were guards or sentinels of something – he adds – they are already in hundreds of municipal regulations and in the regional law of Emilia in 2003, we often meet them outside schools with pallets, they are often retired “.

Commissioning Lombard health? It has never been on the agenda and there are no elements to evaluate a measure of this nature, “says Boccia.

“The monitoring system it works well, it has been shared with all the Regions, every week it gives us the pandemic thermometer, it is not a judgment, a report card, there are no votes, it is the attempt to turn on lights if there is a small outbreak and if the health resilience is not full, “he notes.” The monitoring includes 21 different indicators that make up an algorithm shared by technicians from the ministry and the Regions – he underlines – I am sorry for the controversy with Umbria, which then left (from the caution). The evaluation must not affect the re-start of the regions, which has already taken place and will continue next week to recover our whole country “.

“The data (on contagion in the regions, editor’s note) will arrive at the Ministry of Health by tomorrow and rigorous, secular evaluations will be made, assuming that the protection of health and life is the top priority and the defense and revitalization of the economy and jobs is the top priority. ” says the minister during his hearing.

“We would not have expected from the minister Boccia the useless neo-centralist litany that wants to reaffirm a domineering supremacy of the State over the Regions in the architecture of the Republic as defined by the new title V.” So the governor of Sardinia Christian Solinas comments on the minister’s statements on the unconstitutionality of the health passport. “A few days before June 3, we would have expected a clear solution proposal from the Minister on reopening between Regions”.

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