Boccia: ‘Movements between regions from June 3rd? If not at high risk – Politics


It will depend on the conditions of the region. If it is a low risk region, the move will likely be allowed from June 3. A monitoring system allows us to know if a region is low, medium or high risk. If a region is at high risk, for sure it will not be able to receive inputs from other regions, but we hope it will not be so. ” “On interregional mobility, I ask to have a little more patience,” he added. “Today the Italian regions are all low risk and three medium risk, but let’s talk about the data we have behind us. I hope that all of them will become low risk next week. “In addition,” the nightlife is not only not admissible or tolerable at the moment but it risks being a permanent hotbed. Security is not an option, it is an obligation and the state intervenes, “said the minister.


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