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On the occasion of the reopening of the dealers, the Bavarian brand launches a series of very advantageous benefits for potential customers

On 4 May the BMW Group dealers resumed their sales and assistance activities thanks to the adoption of all the necessary measures to guarantee maximum safety for customers and their collaborators. Attentions aimed at managing physical presence in total compliance with the guidelines established by health protection regulations. As usual, the BMW dealer becomes a safe and welcoming place, fundamental characteristics of the premium experience of the famous German brand. The reopening of the BMW network dealers was sealed by a series of interesting promotions scheduled for the whole month of May and June on some models of the Series 1 and of Series 3 in the variants M Sport is Sedan, as well as gods Sav, Sports Activity Vehicle, X1, X2, X3, X4 is X5 in version xLINE is M Sport X.

The dealers reopen

The reopening of the dealers was made official by the Dpcm announced on April 26 by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte who established the launch of the so-called Phase 2 which provides for the resumption of a series of production and commercial activities. The government, in addition to confirming the opening of car dealerships, clearly describes the reasons why it is possible to go to a car showroom: “it is allowed to go to a dealer to buy a vehicle, make a coupon, change tires and other maintenance”.

Bmw promotions May-June 2020

Let’s find out the propeller brand promotions valid for the whole month of May and June 2020 in detail. The new generation is now in its third generation Series 1 represents the compact of excellence of the Bavarian house capable of combining power, utility and connectivity. On sale until 30 June 2020 new Bmw 1 Series 116d M Sport and new Bmw 1 Series 118i M Sport available until 31 May 2020 with Bmw Why-Buy starting from 200 euros per month.

More powerful and efficient engines for the Series 3. Until May 31, 2020, Bmw 3 Series Sedan is on offer with Bmw Why-Buy starting from 295 euros per month. New BMW X1 sDrive 18d xLine available until June 30, 2020 starting from 150 euros per month or 360 euros per month. Bmw X1 xLine on offer with a customer advantage of 3,600 euros until 30 June. Aesthetically inspired by rally cars, Bmw X2 M Sport X is available on offer until 30 June 2020 with installments starting from 170 euros or 416 euros per month. Until June 30 Bmw X2 in version M Sport X is in promotion with a customer advantage of 5,150 euros. Power and elegance, maximum driving comfort even off-road. Bmw X3 in Luxury version is available until 30 June with a customer advantage of 2,750 euros. Bmw X3 xDrive 20d in xLine version on promotion starting from monthly installments of 215 euros or 556 euros, offer always valid until 30 June 2020.

Modern design and coupé lines, a sporty silhouette. Bmw X4 M Sport X is available until 30 June with a customer advantage of 4,800 euros. Bmw X4 xDrive 20d in version M Sport X on offer starting from 260 euros or 684 euros monthly, always until 30 June. High off the ground, powerful and elegant. Equipped with new technologies for greater safety and better driving dynamics on every surface. Bmw X5 xDrive 30d in version M Sport X is on offer until 30 June starting from 330 euros or from 778 euros per month.

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