Bluepoint can’t wait to leave the limitations of PS4 behind


After weeks of rumors and rumors, Sony has finally announced the first of a series of events that will lead us to the discovery of its next generation of consoles: it starts on Thursday 4 June at 10 pm with a presentation event of the PS5 games.

The announcement not only galvanized the players, but also sparked insiders’ comments, many of whom are tinkering with the PlayStation 5 Dev Kits and only now can they begin to come out. The declaration of Peter Dalton, CTO and Technical Director of Bluepoint Games, an independent development studio that however in recent years has linked its name to Sony by developing among other things the reissues for PS4 of the Uncharted trilogy, Gravity Rush and above all Shadow of the Colossus.

People who have shown that they really know how to deal with the hardware of the PlayStation 4, but who now can’t wait to move forward. On Twitter, Dalton wrote: “I am very excited about the future. It’s time for June go ahead and leave the old game limitations behind. PS5 promises a big step forward not only in terms of available raw power, but also thanks to a very high performance proprietary SSD praised on several occasions in recent months. The boys of Bluepoint Games are therefore in perfect harmony with Sony, who has already made it clear that exclusive games will only arrive compatible on PS5 in the future, and therefore will not run on PlayStation 4.

We take this opportunity to remind you that Bluepoint is working on an exclusive game for PS5, whose identity has not yet been disclosed. For many months there has been rumors of one remastered by Demon’s Souls, but rumors have been circulating about the reissues of games like Legacy of Kain and Jak & Daxter for a few days. What if their next project is announced during the presentation event on Thursday 4 June? We’ll see!

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