blow to the Misilmeri-Belmonte district, 8 arrests


There are lace and extortion to construction companies, theft of excavators with subsequent requests for money according to the “return horse” method. There are warnings to entrepreneurs who brought cement to Bolognetta without authorization and expansionist aims in the political field for the municipalities scheduled for 2020. There is this and much more in the investigation that led to the carabinieri anti-mafia blitz tonight of the provincial command. A new blow to the mandate of Misilmeri-Belmonte Mezzagno with the Cassandra operation, which served to monitor with the bugs even a summit in the home of an uncensored house painter: a meeting necessary to discuss circumstances that could not be entrusted to a few pizzas. Eight suspects were the recipients of the precautionary measure order issued by the investigating magistrate Guglielmo Nicastro at the request of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate.

The recipients of the precautionary measure

In prison Salvatore Sciarabba and Giuseppe Bonanno, 70 and 60 years old (already detained after the maxi operation Cupola 2.0), Stefano Casella (42 years old), Claudio Nocilla (45 years old) and Alessandro Imparato (43 years old). Instead, under house arrest Giuseppe Rizzo and Giuseppe Contorno, 71 and 72 years old. There is no need to provide for Vincenzo Sucato, the first alleged boss who died of Covid-19 in the Bologna prison of Dozza. It remains to be traced and transferred to a penitentiary institution the house painter to date uncensored Carlo Noto, 54 years old, who moved to the United States of America for work and is currently unavailable. They are held responsible for various reasons for criminal offenses of mafia-type crime, external competition in mafia association, extortion aggravated by the mafia method and violation of the obligations inherent in special surveillance. Twenty-three people investigated in all.

“Some of the clues that emerged in the course of the investigations – explain the carabinieri – had already flowed into the crime detention order issued by the DDA of Palermo and executed in December 2018, with which the new provincial commission of what had been dismantled our Palermitan “. On that occasion, 19 people believed to belong to the Mafia mandate of Misilmeri-Belmonte had already been arrested, including Filippo Salvatore Bisconti (later collaborator of justice) and Salvatore Sciarabba himself as regents of the mandate, Vincenzo Sucato, regent of the Mafia family from Misilmeri, and Stefano Polizzi, regent of the mafia family from Bolognetta.

Two summits in the house of the house painter

“Next to them – added the investigators – entrusted to the management of the various mafia families, emerged Vincenzo Sucato and Stefano Polizzi, as well as several men of honor including Stefano Casella and Giovanni Salvatore Migliore, affiliated to the family of Belmonte Mezzagno, and Domenico Nocilla , affiliated to the Misilmeri family. The latter was also assisted by his son Claudio to organize the movements of Sciarabba to reach safe places where to meet with the associates to discuss the intricate dynamics of the mafia partnership. Through close monitoring of the affiliates, in May of 2017 the previous, concurrent and subsequent phases of two important summits chaired by Sciarabba at the home of Noto were documented “. During the investigations coordinated by Deputy Prosecutor Salvatore De Luca and substitutes Bruno Brucoli and Gaspare Spedale, two summits were intercepted at the house of the house painter.

On May 27, 2017, the second meeting was observed during which – reconstruct the investigators – Sciarabba also commented on the risks that he and the others were running to take part in the meeting soon, however deemed also necessary to resolve some disagreements that arose between some men of honor. Among the other topics covered, the need to hinder an entrepreneur who brought the cement to Marineo, to pardon a baker from paying the lace for a serious family mourning, but also the request made by Domenico Nocilla, a man near Sciarabba, to detect a business to make their children work. And finally the “crazy idea” of thinking of a man of trust and a civic list to run to the 2020 Misilmeri municipalities and direct the Administration’s choices in favor of the “family”. A project already nipped after the Cupola 2.0 blitz.

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The lace to the builders and the return horse

“The investigative activity also allowed to promptly reconstruct an extortion request of 12 thousand euros – add the carabinieri – to the detriment of a construction company engaged in the construction of a building in Misilmeri perpetrated by Sciarabba, Bonanno and Vincenzo Sucato, and a ‘return horse’ for a truck and an excavator stolen from an entrepreneur linked to the Mafia district of San Mauro Castelverde. In particular, the entrepreneur, in order to regain his own means of work, resorted to the intermediation of several Mafia exponents who, against an initial request of 8 thousand euros, they managed to decrease the figure, demanding and obtaining a refund of 2,800 euros “.

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