Birthday Iliad. Today’s gift for #TheTruthCode customers revealed


Two years of great success and a disruptive effect on the mobile phone market. Iliad today celebrates two years of life and as we announced yesterday here on, Iliad once again gives the gift to its customers. Unveiled a few minutes ago the surprise “TheTruthCode”.

By guessing a secret code, Iliad is giving away an iPhone 11. The truth code will then be discovered by customers in a prize game in which you can participate, day after day, by following the manager’s Facebook profile (and also Instagram).

Each day the story will be published at 12.30 and will be visible for exactly 24 hours.

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Follow also to win!

Don’t worry about forgetting the Iliad team’s day story. We will also publish it every day on our Telegram channel entirely dedicated to the Iliad world. If you are not yet registered, do it now by clicking this link. At this time we already have over 8400 subscribers.

By bringing together the various clues, you can discover Iliad’s secret code and win the coveted Apple 11 iPhone.

The winner will be announced on June 16th. So, follow us on Telegram.

The Iliad Quiz. How much do you know about Iliad?

But today, great day of celebration for Iliad, we want to play a little more with you fans and customers, not only by guessing secret codes but also by testing yourself with the history of Iliad. Are you sure you know all about Iliad? Safe sure?


Who does Iliad roam with? Are you a real manager or a full MVNO? Who is the CEO of Iliad Italia today? A few questions to retrace the life of our favorite manager. Have fun with the quiz and with the daily game created by the Iliad team.

For our part, of course, we just have to wish all of us in the Iliad community. As always now, space for discussion with the comments you find right below.

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