Bimbo dies drowned in his home pool – Campania


                          <h2 class="news-stit">Tragedy in the Neapolitan, he was at home with his sister</h2>
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        (ANSA) - NAPLES, MAY 23 - Tragedy in Varcaturo, in the municipality of

Giugliano (Naples), where a 4-year-old boy died drowned
in the home pool. The boy was at home with his sister
19 years old, the parents had gone out, when for reasons still from
ascertain from the home window on the ground floor ended up in the
below swimming pool drowning shortly after.No transportation needed
to the Pozzuoli hospital where the child has already arrived without
life. At the moment everything suggests a tragic one
   However, the police of the police investigate the episode
Varcaturo station and those of the Giugliano company. On the
also the magistrate on duty of the Naples North Prosecutor
who ordered the seizure of the body for the autopsy in addition to
that of the swimming pool.

The tragedy took place in a popular street villa
Ripuaria in Varcaturo.

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