Bike bonus, two-step refunds: different discounts depending on the date


With the Nintendo to promote green mobility and to make it easier for Italians to travel there Lockdown phase 2 (here the special QuiFinanza) was the bike bonus approved by the government. Specifically, this is a subsidy recognized for the purchase of one of the vehicles indicated by the decree – for a maximum of 500 euros – and which, depending on when it is carried out, entitles you to a refund or one Discount.

Bike bonus, discount or refund? The two phases of the facility

To request the bike bonus you must use a specification web application, also accessible from the website of the Ministry of the Environment and which should be made available to interested parties within 60 days from the publication of the relaunch decree.

>>> Download here the final version of the Relaunch Decree <<<

In the meantime, however, those who want to buy a bike (as well as mainly electric-powered personal mobility vehicles such as scooters, hoverboards and segways) or want to use the bonus for the use of shared mobility services for individual use (excluding those for cars), you can do it but instead of being entitled to the discount on the price, will be entitled to a refund. Let’s explain better.

They have been defined two stages of recognition of the bike bonus:

  • Phase 1, from 4 May 2020 to the day the app starts operating, the person making the purchase will pay the sum in full and will be refunded 60% later;
  • Phase 2, from the day the app starts operating, the person making the purchase will pay only 40% of the total expenditure, actually receiving a discount from the shopkeeper, who will then be reimbursed by 60%.

The list of all participating merchants can be consulted on the website of the Ministry of the Environment.

Bike bonus, non-automatic refund: in Phase 1 you need the invoice

In Phase 1, unlike the Phase 2, the recognition of the mobility bonus it will not be automatic. Those who intend to take advantage of the concession, therefore, will not be entitled to the immediate discount of the purchase price, but will have to keep the necessary documentation to request a refund.

In this regard it should be specified that for demonstrate the expense just the receipt is not enough. To get the bonus, in fact, you will have to keep the purchase invoice (which must be attached to the application to be forwarded through the web application).

Different will be the procedure to follow in Phase 2. As we have seen, the discount will be immediate and made by the shopkeeper. Therefore, the buyer interested in taking advantage of the bonus will have to go to the store with the digital shopping voucher which can be downloaded in advance through the app.

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