Bike bonus, let’s clarify. How it works, who it is up to and how to get it


Rome, 22 May 2020 – The mobility voucher, also renamed bike bonus, is one of the measures imposed by Revival decree published in the Official Gazette on May 19. And although it is not one of the main cost items of the 55 billion euro plan put in place to face the economic crisis, it has attracted the attention of many because it is aimed at a wide audience. It requires a contribution for the purchase of bicycles, also with pedal assistance, or in any case of vehicles for personal mobility with mainly electric propulsion (such as scooters, hoverboards and segways). In addition, the voucher also applies to “the use of shared mobility services for individual use excluding those using cars”: in short, yes to bike sharing, no to car sharing. The contribution is equal to 60% of the expense “and, in any case, to an extent not exceeding 500 euros“: therefore, if the price of the bicycle is 400 euros, the contribution is worth 240, if the cost is higher than 833 euros, you always get 500. In recent days the Ministry of the Environment has published on its website a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) on the functioning of the mobility voucher, thus explaining the contents of the decree to the interested party.

Who is responsible: requirements

This year, all adult citizens with residence (not domicile) in the can access the mobility bonus regional and provincial capitals, as well as in the municipalities (also not capitals) with population over 50,000 inhabitants. In addition, citizens of municipalities under 50,000 inhabitants belonging to the can also take advantage of the bonus Metropolitan cities: Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Messina, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Rome, Rome, Turin, Venice.

When it leaves and how to request it

The operation of the mobility voucher will develop in two stages.

Phase 1 started on May 4, then retroactively, and will continue until the web application dedicated to the mobility voucher enters into force. This phase involves the refund to the beneficiary: to obtain the contribution it is necessary to keep the expense document, which must be the invoice and not the receipt, and you must attach it to the application to be submitted through the web application, when it will be operational. In short, if a person today wants to buy a bicycle, he must go to the shop, pay the vehicle in full and ask for an invoice, which will then be kept until it is possible to request a refund on the application.

Phase 2 will start on the day the web application starts operating: the supplier of the requested good / service will carry it out direct discount, on the basis of a digital shopping voucher that will be generated on the web application by the beneficiaries themselves. So those who want to buy a bike in Phase 2 will go to the application, indicate the medium or service they intend to purchase and the platform will generate the digital shopping voucher, which will be delivered to authorized suppliers (together obviously with the 40% balance not covered by the voucher). The good will have valid for 30 days.

When to use it

The mobility voucher for 2020 can be used only once and allows you to buy bicycles (new or used, traditional or pedal-assisted), handbikes (new or used), vehicles for personal mobility with mainly electric propulsion (new or used) such as scooters, hoverboards or segways, shared mobility services for individual use excluding car sharing. Accessories such as helmets, batteries, chains and padlocks cannot be purchased.

Where can you use it

In phase 1 it will be possible to purchase the vehicles in any shop, provided that the invoice is released. In phase 2 it will be possible to buy in the participating stores, the list of which will be published on the dedicated platform, which will be released and communicated through the website of the Ministry of the Environment. Furthermore – as long as an invoice is issued with all the items of an Italian invoice – purchases can also be purchased on the website of a foreign company.

Mobility bonus in 2021

If this year the provision of mobility vouchers does not provide for the need to scrape old vehicles, next year there will be some changes: starting from January 1, the mobility vouchers will be disbursed against the scrapping of old vehicles carried out during 2021. Those vouchers will be valid until December 31, 2024. Those vouchers for the 2020 mobility voucher will also be able to take advantage of these vouchers.

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