Bike bonus, how it works: the requirements to obtain the 60% contribution


The Faqs on the 2020 bike voucher program, foreseen in the relaunch DL, are online from today on the website of the Ministry of the Environment. Fifteen questions and answers to give citizens further information on how to buy
of bicycles, including pedal-assisted, of vehicles for personal mobility with mainly electric propulsion, such as scooters, hoverboards and segways, and for the use of shared mobility services for individual use excluding those using cars.

The bike voucher, without scrapping, is a contribution equal to 60% of the expenditure incurred, and in any case not exceeding 500 euros. There will be two phases: phase 1 (from 4 May 2020 until the day the web application starts operating) and reimbursement to the beneficiary is expected; to obtain the contribution, it is necessary to keep the expense document (invoice and non-receipt) and attach it to the application to be submitted through the web application. Finally phase 2, from the day the web application starts operating: there is a direct discount by the supplier of the requested good / service, based on a digital shopping voucher that the beneficiaries can generate on the web application. In practice, interested parties will have to indicate on the web application the medium or service they intend to purchase and the platform will generate the digital shopping voucher to be delivered to authorized suppliers to collect the good or enjoy the service identified.

The voucher can be used by using a specific web application that is being prepared and that will be
accessible, also from the institutional website of the Ministry of the Environment, within sixty days of publication in
Official Gazette of the inter-ministerial decree implementing the mobility voucher program. To access the application SPID credentials are required (Public Digital Identity System).
Adults who have their residence in the regional and provincial capitals even under 50,000 inhabitants, in municipalities with a population greater than 50,000 inhabitants and in the municipalities of metropolitan cities (even under 50,000 can use the bike voucher for the year 2020). inhabitants). (HANDLE).

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