Biella, the “rebel” teachers teach the park: “What a thrill to see the students again”


Officially it was an “educational snack”. In practice, a meeting and perhaps the beginning of a series of events that could go on for the whole month of June. On the initiative of the parents of the primary school of the Lamarmora Village, a popular neighborhood in the city of Biella, yesterday, two teachers carried out a real outdoor lesson in the nearby public park.

Biella, the masters

The teacher Sonia with her pupils

“It was an incredible emotion to be able to see all our pupils again, play with numbers and read some passages, discuss animals and even do some yoga exercises. After three months in which we only saw their faces behind a monitor and their voices interrupted by connections that jumped or went intermittently this day was a small liberating cry to say “we are here.” These are the words of the teacher Roberto Pietrobon, who worked together with his colleague Sonia Zanni, all obviously respecting the safety measures in health matters. “We are there as educators, who have the task of educating, that is, bringing out: the talents, skills and competences of each individual child. We are above all, however, as an educating community, made up of extraordinary teachers, children and parents who have always bent over backwards to follow theirs and their daughters “explained Zanni.

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