Biden’s racist gaffe: “Aren’t you with me? You’re not black”


Joe Biden, former vice president of the United States and candidate for the Democrats in the presidential elections next November, pending the official nomination, he stumbled upon yet another gaffe of his career, rich in truth of somewhat out of place outputs (just think that the Time has compiled the ranking of Biden’s top 10 gaffes). The former US vice president, after an 18-minute radio interview on The Breakfast Club, the program most followed by the African American community, turned to the host Charlemagne tha God with an output that to call unhappy is an understatement: “Have other questions? I’ll tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out if you’re with me or with Trump, then you’re not black“After realizing the gaffe, after a few hours Joe Biden expressed regret for the comments, defining them”really unfortunate“.”I shouldn’t have been so dismissive in responding“he added, as reported by the NBC. “Nobody should vote for any party based on their race or religion“Biden said.”I know he seems to take the support of the African American community for granted after these comments. But this is absolutely not the case“.

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the US president, commented the embarrassing exit of the candidate dem, calling it “racist“.”Imagine what would have happened if Donald Trump had said so“he then stressed. The African American senator of the Gop Tim Scott it was said “sciottato“from the ex-vice president’s comments:”I couldn’t believe my ears. ” But criticisms of it have rained mainly from the circles liberal. Thomas Chatterton Williams of the Nymag observes, always on Twitter: “This is mortifying and revolting. I say that I would vote for my son’s diaper rather than Trump“Joe Biden appeared somewhat annoyed by the conductor’s pressing questions, who stressed how his 1994 crime bill affected the spike in jail terms for African American people. African American voters support Donald Trump, but it certainly won’t do his election campaign any good.

That Joe Biden it is usual to slip into somewhat embarrassing gaffes, however, with great frequency it also reminds him Newsweek. The last one dates back to a few days ago. During a debate with the governors of Michigan, New Jersey and Connecticut, the dem candidate claimed that America was in the midst of a pandemic that cost more than 85,000 jobs and the “lives of millions of people“However, Biden is likely to have understood the exact opposite of what he said, namely that coronavirus resulted in the death of 85,000 people in the United States and the loss of millions of jobs. Of course, it is undoubtedly a less serious exit of the racist gaffe, but if you run for the presidency of the United States, being famous for the gaffes certainly won’t help. Adding to this is the fact that the former vice president, on November 20, will blow out 78 candles, and this personal data also makes it distort. the nose of many.

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