Biden, Trump snubs mask, is idiot – Last Hour


(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 27 – President Donald Trump who snubs
use mask against the advice of doctors and thus squeezes
the eye to the ‘denial’ campaign of the American right
against the ‘bogeyman’ of the coronavirus, he is an idiot, an idiot
total “: word from his rival in the White House, Joe Biden,
cited by CNN.

Trump has repeatedly mocked Biden for himself
wear the mask in public, branding the gesture as a
liberal attitude that rides the pandemic and gives

“He is an idiot, an absolute idiot to speak like that, when
all the doctors who count in the world are saying to wear
the mask when you are in the crowd. And especially when you
you are in a position where you are inevitably destined to
inadvertently approaching someone less than three meters away. “

Trump, CNN recalls, posted a photo of him on Twitter with
black mask and black aviator glasses.


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