bicycle sales boom, but not for everyone


Bicycle shops breathe a sigh of relief. In the general crisis caused by Covid 19 they are the first to smile thanks to the bike bonus. This is an economic incentive for the purchase of vehicles for personal micro-mobility, including electric propulsion such as bicycles and scooters. The bonus covers 60% of the cost of the vehicle and cannot exceed 500 euros. The bonus was created to encourage people to move independently within cities, limiting the use of public transport, which at this stage will still have many problems due to social distancing.

A measure reserved for all adult citizens residing in metropolitan cities (or in the municipalities of metropolitan cities), in the provincial capitals, and in municipalities with a population of more than 50 thousand inhabitants, which is proving very successful also thanks to the initiative of the Emilia-Romagna region. Romagna “Bike to work” which provides a contribution that can go up to 50 euros per month for those who go to work by bicycle rather than by car.

“I didn’t think so, but this bonus did a lot. Within two weeks we finished all the bikes. Now we have the empty warehouse. They should get there this week, “comments Alessandro Marconi, satisfied with Marconi Bike. “We sold 10 bikes a day, but in some we sold 25 bikes a day and of all types: from city bikes to mountain bikes, to electric bikes. This sale has rehabilitated the closings of the past few months. ”

Damiano Pari of Rimini Bici is also satisfied with the sales. “People have literally gone mad. It went into fibrillation. The increase in sales was epochal. At least 30% more than in the same month last year and the year before. ” However, sales that do not allow to heal losses. “Two months of closing we have recovered a pinch. To say recovered is impossible, because already in March we are in the middle of the season as collections and receipts. By now it cannot be recovered ”. Marco Fabbri of Marchino Bike has the same opinion: “We have not recovered the two closing months, but we are trying. Maybe it will take a few years to recover. ”

A bonus that has significantly boosted the purchase of bicycles, but not for everyone. “At the moment we have not sold anything through bonuses.” Lorenzo Tacchini from Tacchini Bici explains. “The bonus isn’t clear it’s not clear and people are waiting to understand how it works. Many people came to ask for information. ”

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A bonus for many unclear, in fact many who in these days show up to buy a bike expect to find them already discounted. “People think that the dealer has to give him the money, but that’s not the case. Customers pay the total amount for the bicycle. ” Roberto Urbinati of the Officina del Ciclo explains. “There is nothing concretely. Whoever comes to buy the bicycle pays the full price, then I issue an invoice. ” adds Damiano Pari: “It is the customer who then has to worry about downloading the Spid code, connecting to the platform and entering all the data to request the bonus. However, there is nothing official except the bonus that was published in the Official Journal. But the way to get the money back is unclear. ” And there are those who, like Urbinati, don’t believe much in this bonus: “the bonus for me is a big hoax. It will happen as in 2009 when the retailers did not receive any money. This time too the money doesn’t come. ”

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