Bianca Guaccero after the gaffe to Detto Fatto: “I felt a little …”


Written by Marianna Amato, on May 27, 2020, in TV Characters

Bianca Guaccero after the gaffe to Detto Fatto confesses: “I felt a little bit fed up”

Bianca Guaccero after the gaffe at Detto Fatto was reached during the day by theenvoy of Striscia the news Valerio Staffelli who was welcomed by the host of Detto Fatto Bianca Guaccero with these words: “Look, I was waiting for you!“. The presenter of the factual show expected to be surprised by the famous Golden Tapir after the fool made on the air that immediately bounced everywhere on the web. Bianca, just before the Rai Due program, appeared in the preview, giving an appointment to the viewers. Once the message was over, the presenter believed that she was no longer on the air and instead she was: an intimate joke was heard while she was talking to Titty and Flavia who deal with the tutorials on cleaning and home hygiene: “Come on, girls, tell me how do you sanitize…“This externally a little pepper. Valerio Staffelli di Striscia the news he therefore went to her to give her a nice gift. While explaining how things went, the presenter confessed:I have to say that I felt a bit unkempt …

No sooner said than done, Bianca Guaccero makes a gaffe and receives the Tapir: “I care a lot …”

You know that I care a lot about personal hygiene and I asked, let’s say, for an opinion“He began Bianca Guaccero during the visit of Valerio Staffelli who showed up with the Tapir of Striscia la Notizia, received just for the gaffe made a few days ago to No sooner said than done. The presenter told what happened in those moments: “Going black I was convinced that it was so and there is a goliardic spirit between us and I believed there to be heard only by my friends and instead …“. Staffelli has therefore teased the Guaccero which has remained ironic all the time and has continued to make jokes about what happened, becoming the protagonist of an additional gaffe.

Striscia la notizia reaches Bianca Guaccero after the gaffe to Detto Fatto: “We fall back!”

I was trying to lift my spirits a bit even considering the moment” he has declared Bianca Guaccero to Valerio Staffelli continuing: “And everything else too!“. L’envoy of Striscia la Notizia immediately took the ball, pointing out that the Guaccerohe unwittingly recreated a further double meaning. “And then she falls back on itHe remarked Staffelli. The presenter is used to making gaffes in the latter period, another just yesterday when hit a cameraman.

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