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Use the technology of the “quantum holographic catalyst” to create a kind of protective screen against the (presumed) radiation generated by the 5G antennas, it is called 5GBioShield, it has the shape of a key, it is for sale online (until it is closed, the site is here) and depending on the version it costs between 300 and 400 euros. Many are buying it, although it is obviously a scam.

Not (only) because there is no need for any protection from 5G which is no longer dangerous or harmful to people than other technologies used daily, but above all because, like the most classic of scams, it is not what it claims to be : no nanotechnology, no “quantum holographic catalyst” (whatever it is), but a simple, banal USB stick. Pure low capacity: just 128 Mb, commercial value of 5-6 euros. Not 400. A team from the English Trading Standards, the government agency that deals with security in commerce, found out after having disassembled a copy of 5GBioShield together with some BBC journalists.

“It’s a scam,” said London Trading Standards chief operating officer Stephen Knight, announcing that he had forwarded a report to the police Anti-Fraud team and went to court because the site is blacked out.

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The council of the City of Glastonbury
In England, the problem arose when a member of the 5G Municipal Committee of the city of Glastonbury (yes, that of the well-known music festival) recommended the purchase and use of the 5GBioShield and an external member of the same committee put in writing in an official document (later removed from the Municipality website) that “we are using it and we find it useful”, also saying that “when the 5G antennas are turned on, flocks of birds fall dead from the sky, people bleed their noses” and also ” the suicide rate rises ». Things of which there is no scientific proof, but the damage was done now, with many people who spent hundreds of pounds to buy a totally useless object.

The explanation of the producers
The BBC tried to contact the site managers, asking them why they sold a 5-6 euro object at 3-400 euros: the spokeswoman, a certain Anna Grochowalska, replied that “we have significant scientific documentation, while you lack all the information on production costs, on the costs incurred to acquire exploitation rights, to pay for intellectual property and much more ».

Despite the “explanation”, our advice remains that given by the Americans to The Verge to readers: “Don’t buy this anti-5G key: it’s 128 megabytes of nothing”.

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