beware of scams on TIM, Wind, Vodafone and Tre


Many users are very worried and the reason is called SIM cloned. Many still wonder if this is noteworthy news or is just nonsense. This phenomenon is also called “SIM Swap Scam“, And what initially seemed like a simple fake news, is a more than concrete truth.

The purpose is clear and now it is even more dangerous: the attackers clone your phone cards and, through this procedure, use the cloned SIM to circumvent the security systems. home banking security.

SIM cloned: how does this scam that is expanding throughout the Italian territory

Many of you will obviously wonder how this cloning takes place. The process is simpler than it seems: apparently we share many of ours personal information on social networks and this is fertile ground for hackers. The moment criminals access important personal information, which we may have included in our bio, they can request a SIM change.

So the method used it is completely legal. If at some point, mysteriously, you should lose the signal and your card is disabled, you can consider it in the hands of some hacker. Obviously there is to specify that if anything you should lose the signal from your mobile phone, this is not always the reason.

The advice we can give you is of always keep your information under control and never write information on social networks “sensitive”That could be used improperly behind you.

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