Between scandals and playstations, Juve points Demebele: is it another crazy horse?


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Hot heads, in the world of football, have existed for some time. They are not daughters of a particular historical moment, nor are they a rarity. There are several, some who still manage to make a career “honest” from a technical point of view, others, even, excel. Finally, there are those who, precisely because of their inclination, however, fail. Juventus knows about it, especially the second type: the past of Arturo Vidal, Paolo Montero, rather than Douglas Costa are known. And the last name that the market has compared to the Bianconeri, that of Barcelona’s Ousmane Dembele, could be another to add to the list. The talks with Barcelona have long since started, but if i blaugrana they have clear ideas on who to want from Juventus, the same cannot be said otherwise. The Bianconeri, in fact, found themselves faced with Arthur’s hesitation and saw in Dembele a potential counterpart for the Pjanic affair. Arriving in Spain from Borussia Dortmund for 120 million euros, the Frenchman struggled to emerge during the period at Barça and not so much because of tactical problems. Of course, being left-handed outsiders on Messi’s team can be counterproductive, but certainly less than the lifestyle of the young class of ’97. Full son of the new millennium, Dembele has been redarged by the Catalan company since its first year: not for disco nights or alcohol abuse and the like, but for the nights spent in front of the Playstation and the vice of junk food. Ever since Dortmund, as reported by Bild shortly after his transfer, Demebele had shown a certain indolence towards healthy and correct habits. Gerd Weissenberg, a former owner of the house where the player resided in the German city, presented him with an account of 20 thousand euros for the damage caused to the house. At Barcelona, ​​then, he started even better, often showing up late for training just for a few games too many. In short, certainly not a model. Although, a classic expression when it comes to certain players, he has the talent to be among the best on the pitch: a talent not yet lost, which at 23 can be regenerated by a new experience. Sure, it can only happen if you make a report of your mistakes: often, here is the threshold on which those who succumb to their character stop, instead of getting the most out of the skills received from Mother Nature …

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