better to go on holiday in Liguria than in Sicily or Sardinia


It does not mention the names, but the reference to Sardinia and Sicily is implicit: in Beppe Sala it has not gone down that the two islands want to limit the entrances from the regions where the contagion has been particularly widespread and the virulent epidemic. So the mayor of Milan appeals to his fellow citizens to prefer ‘solidarity’ regions such as Liguria for the holidays.

“I see that some regional presidents, such as Toti from Liguria, say: I will welcome the Milanese with open arms. Others, I will not quote them, say maybe if they have a license of immunity or something like that. I, however, and speak as a citizen even before as a first citizen, when I then decide where to go for a weekend or a holiday I will remember “.

Sala, speaking in a video on Facebook about the reopening of the movements between the various regions, invites us to wait to understand on the basis of which parameters the decisions will be made. “It would be useful not to know it only the day before,” he says, “From June 3, we too can leave our region? What the government will decide we will do, but I asked the government, especially yesterday to Minister Boccia, a couple of things. The first one – underlines the mayor – is that they don’t tell us the day before. The second is to understand by what parameters this decision will be taken. Will they consider R0, the tampons made, the people in intensive care? It would also be nice to give this information , then someone will decide and we will apply. ”

On Tuesday 26 the Ligurian governor rejected health passports as “useless” and “totally impossible”. “Liguria, only as freight traffic, has 5-6 thousand hauliers per day traveling within its borders, then we have to add those who take a ferry, those who come on vacation: we are talking about millions of transits in one summer. Frankly I think that it would be impossible to think of anything other than territorial controls and an increase in diagnostic capacity “.

Even the Lombardy Regional Councilor for Health Giulio Gallera had rejected the idea of ​​a ‘health passport’. “There is currently no way to secure people. As you know, the swab gives you a snapshot of your condition compared to Covid. An hour later, this condition can change,” he said. “To date, no ‘health passport’ can be obtained because no one can be given an ‘immunity license.’

“The health passport will not be a burden for tourists who will come to Sardinia and there will be no quarantine, scheduled only until June 2, that is, in a period in which interregional mobility is still prohibited”, he had assured week ago the president of the Sardinia region Christian Solinas. “The health passport means certifying that you are negative for coronavirus and it is necessary to allow you to weaken the preventive measures after entering Sardinia. If we were to leave things as they are, without checks, anyone who goes to tourist facilities should keep masks, distancing, ban on gathering “. He said.

Even the Sardinian tourism entrepreneurs had rejected the idea as useless. “Experience and news tell us that you can even test positive after three negative swabs”, and not even on serological tests, since “nobody has yet definitively validated them”. Regarding the ‘certifiable’ tests, the entrepreneurs pointed out that “there is no certainty and, in any case, the verification requires very long times” and asked to follow “the example of the other Regions and other nations”, of plan the service of eventual taking in charge and health care for tourists who “unfortunately had to reveal symptoms of Coronavirus infection”.

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