Bertolaso, the most active pensioner in Italy sends Musumeci government to Sicily: between boat, anti-Covid consultancy and denials


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A unique anti-Covid center regional and an extraordinary plan of interventions in view of the second wave of infections expected in the autumn. Led by the busiest pensioner in Italy, Guido Bertolaso, back from the responsibility of the two Covid hospitals of the fair of Milan and of Civitanova. This would have been the initial design that prompted the Sicilian governor, In the Musumeci, to contact the former head of the National Civil Protection and invite him to the Island to offer him a collaboration. What is certain is that his visit beyond him Strait of Messina it has not gone unnoticed: since Bertolaso ​​set foot on the island, it has been a crawl space of indiscretions, controversies and denials.

Meanwhile for the leak of information intercepted by Sicily newspaper, which already last Thursday gave Bertolaso ​​vying for the post of Antonio Candela, alleged anti-mafia paladin and responsible the Covid emergency in Sicily, who ended up under house arrest last week on charges of corruption. News denied directly by Musumeci, just in the same hours as its vice president, the councilor for the economy Gaetano Armao, congratulated on social media for the appointment of Bertolaso. A post removed shortly after, while the story had now taken the outline of the institutional mess. For the Sicilian governor, in fact, Bertolaso’s visit would have been little more than a pleasure trip to Trapani, “where moor his boat“. A relationship, that with the Trapani sea, which starts from afar, from Luis Vuitton Cup in 2005, a regatta soon became a major event, for which almost 70 million euros were invested under the supervision of the National Civil Protection, at the time led by Bertolaso.

The Sicilian governor admitted to having lunch together with the super-pensioner in charge of the two Covid hospitals in Milan and Civitanova (costing respectively 21 and 8 million, whose beds remained largely free), but no confirmation of any job proposals. Too bad that, in times of pandemic, the Island is still closed to tourists: so Musumeci’s statements became the subject of a parliamentary question presented by the president of the regional anti-mafia, Claudio Fava, at the Sicilian Assembly. “Is the order of the President of the Region regarding entry into the regional territory – Fava wonders – still valid or should it be interpreted on the basis of personal and political friendship relationships?”. According to Fava, in fact, if it had been a private visit, Bertolaso, like any other citizen, would have had to respect the quarantine once arrived in Sicily. On the other hand, the former undersecretary of Silvio Berlusconi he also fell ill with coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic, and had to resort to hospitalization before recovering from Covid. “In a situation that is causing enormous inconvenience to all and in the same hours in which Musumeci shows himself unyielding on the reopening procedures of the regional territory – the regional deputy underlined -, such an unequal treatment appears as a slap in the face to the thousands of Sicilian citizens who have returned to the island and are forced, still today , to remain isolated in quarantine for two weeks. ”

So here the regional councilor for health intervened to try to put the patch, Ruggero Razza, who in replying to the president of the anti-Mafia has substantially denied the Sicilian governor. “I’m sorry that Claudio Fava took a blunder, because a blunder before him took the press. The order of the President of the Region clearly specifies which categories of subjects are not subject to quarantine. These include those who are in Sicily for business reasons. For now, point. ” But how do I work? But hadn’t the governor said that Bertolaso ​​had gone to Trapani because his boat moored there? So Musumeci lied? Is Bertolaso ​​in Sicily for work or pleasure, violating – in this second hypothesis – the anti-contagion rules?

To silence everyone in the evening was the former head of the Civil Protection. At first answering the questions of the reporters, in the evening by posting the official convocation of the Region, signed by Musumeci. “In Italy if you don’t argue, you can’t sleep at night: I was invited by the President of the Region with an official call to help”. And the boat, moored in Trapani and so dear to Italy’s busiest pensioner? “I have food and lodging were refused – he admitted – preferring to stay on my boat, also saving the Sicilian taxpayer a few euros “.

The mystery, meanwhile, among the corridors of the Region still remains standing: Bertolaso ​​may have been offered the task of responsible for the Covid emergency instead of Antonio Candela, but also the role of head of the regional Civil Protection (proposal that Musumeci tried to make to Bertolaso ​​already last October, the well-informed whisper), or even a superconsulenza to the Presidency of the Region, to support the government in managing the possible new one autumn wave of contagions. Doubts that could be resolved next week, when Bertolaso ​​will dissolve the reserve by deciding whether or not to accept one of the proposals put on the plate by Musumeci.

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