Berlusconi: “Iv di Renzi is not liberal”. And then attack Bonafede


Silvio Berlusconi, in the aftermath of the vote in the Senate that saved the Minister of Justice of the 5 Star Movement Alfonso Bonafede from the motion of no confidence, comments on what happened at Palazzo Madama exposing the plots of the Giallorossi majority and accusing it of taking more care to maintain the power and the armchair than for the good of the country.

Interviewed in the morning at Rtl 102.5, the former three-time prime minister said: “The four o’clock government sinister it comes together when power is at stake … “. Hence the leader and founder of Come on Italy he sank the blow against the Grill Guardian: “Bonafede represents the very negation of the liberal principles of a rule of law. Yesterday in the Chamber, he used the name of Giovanni Falcone. This I’m sorry”.

We remember how the owner of the dicastery of via Arenula ended up at the center of the controversies following the accusations of the magistrate Nino Di Matteo, who reproached him for having first proposed and then denied his post as head of the prison administration department following the complaints of several mafia bosses. But not only that: Bonafede is also the recent person responsible for the release of numerous criminals due to the Covid emergency in prisons.

The number one of the blues, continuing from the intervention on the radio, was also taken with the man who actually saved the place in Bonafede, or Matteo Renzi: “Who thought that Renzi and Italia Viva could represent the liberal and guarantor world we must think again “.

From national to continental politics, given that Berlusconi a Rtl 102.5 he lashed againEuropean Union to do more for member countries. The political head of FI, in fact, has returned to beat on the issue of Recovery Fund, asking that this reach at least one trillion, 500 of which is non-refundable. This is his opinion: “The position taken by Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron is very important, but the recovery fund must reach at least 1000 billion, half of which is non-refundable”. Here, speaking of the German Chancellor, Berlusconi praises her as follows: “Merkel has always been a person open to situations of reality. She has remarkable mental agility”.

Finally, the ex premier also announced the participation of his Forza Italia in the demonstration of Lega and Brothers of Italy, who will take to the streets in Rome on June 2 in solidarity and alongside the workers most affected by the economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. “On June 2 we go to the square together, in a composed way given the time. The united center-right has ideas and experience to restart the country. We will be alongside artisans, traders, self-employed, we will ask the government to hurry”, Berlusconi says in the last instance.

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