Bergamo prosecutor: red zone, the decision was up to the government


He categorically excluded, Attilio Fontana, to have never come under pressure from the industrial world, against the establishment of the red zone in Nembro and Alzano, between the end of February and the beginning of March, when all the coronavirus infection rates were already high in that area. The president of Lombardy thus reiterated, as a person informed of the facts, in front of the prosecutors of Bergamo, the comments already made several times on that missed passage. Also because, he added in two hours of hearing, “it was not disputed that the decision was up to the government”. A heavy response, and outside the political debate, came in the evening, from the assistant prosecutor Maria Cristina Rota: “From what we know is a government decision”, the words, textual, outside the courthouse.

The powers in this regard, despite the fact that the government had instituted the bans in Codogno and in the Lodi area a few days before the Alzano case broke out, a few weeks after that emergency phase had been questioned by several representatives of the center-left, and then also the regional councilor Giulio Gallera had declared that a rule would allow the Palazzo Lombardia to take the measure, despite “we agreed to have to wait for the government”. Now the judiciary arrives to put a first firm point and Roberto Calderoli already makes the first accusations: “The executive assumes his responsibilities”.

The Prosecutor adds nothing, but that the magistrates have worked so far also to reconstruct those continuous referrals on the red zone, also advocated by the Higher Institute of Health, it is now clear. And the indiscretions now no longer rule out that calls may also be made for ministers of the Conte government or for the Prime Minister himself. If crimes were to arise, however, the declarations and documents acquired so far in Bergamo would have to be sent to the Rome prosecutor’s office, where the decision on the closure of Nembro and Alzano was not taken.

The political clash, after an increase in mortality in Bergamo of 568%, unmatched in the world, it risks lighting up again. In an already poisoned climate: yesterday morning, while President Fontana replied to the magistrates, the leader of his party, Matteo Salvini, defined the prosecutors as “unworthy”, because “as a Lombard I would prefer to stay in the office to work”. But “it is our duty to ascertain the facts,” replied the prosecutor.

Outside the palace, however, a garrison of about thirty people went on stage, mostly antagonists, with heavy slogans against the governor and the presidents of Confindustria, Stefano Scaglia from Bergamo and Marco Bonometti from Bergamo, defined as “responsible” for their lack of red zone. To ensure the exit of Fontana and his escort from the prosecutor’s office, the police station deployed a police cordon, closing the road and blocking a couple of protesters who were approaching the cars.

May 29, 2020 | 22:23


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