Beovision Harmony: the most exclusive OLED now also in 8K format


Bang & Olufsen has announced the availability of the exclusive TV from June Beovision Harmony, now also in 88-inch cut with 8K OLED screen. As for the smaller size models, the TV is in all respects an LG, albeit optimized for B&O, which the Danish manufacturer has integrated on its Sound Center: a motorized cabinet that, when turned on, lifts the screen and opens like wings speakers.

Beovision Harmony is essentially an artisan product, with oak wood finishes, which hides a three-channel audio system, with six amplifiers and as many speakers, which can be further expanded with other speakers in the B&O range to create a real 7.1-channel system .

The video part consists of the 88-inch LG ZX OLED, with 8K panel, third generation a9 processor, inputs compatible with the HDMI 2.1 specifications, HDR Dolby Vision and all the features offered by LG stand-alone TVs.

Of course, it is not only the particular design that is exclusive, but also the price: to bring home the new Beovision Harmony you need 46500 euros.

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