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Benedetto Levi, the CEO of Iliad, shared a tweet remembering today the second anniversary of the operator’s arrival in Italyon May 29, 2018.

In fact, two years have passed since the arrival of the fourth operator, who had seized the opportunity born from the merger between Wind and 3 to launch on the Italian market with its first offer, which can no longer be activated, with 30 Giga for 5.99 euros per month.

Benedetto Levi, Iliad’s number one in Italy since its launch, celebrated the anniversary as follows:

“On May 29, 2018 we arrived on the market with our offer, it seems a moment ago. Just the time to make a revolution. And we are ready to make many more. #weareiliad “.

On the occasion of the official launch of Iliad, the Italian operator of Xavier Niel’s Iliad Group, active in France with the Free Mobile brand, it was held in Milan a launch conference, in which MondoMobileWeb had participated to inform its readers in real time on all the news.

The editors had also gone to the Catania store and to that of Milan to observe the functioning of the Simboxes, the SIM distributors of Iliad that allowed the purchase with the first launch offer with unlimited minutes and SMS and 30 Giga for the price of 5.99 euros per month, unveiled by Benedetto Levi during the course of the ‘event.

In these two years, Iliad has then proposed other offers, that is Giga 40, Giga 50, Iliad Voce and the Iliad Flash limited time, the latest offer proposed by the operator. Iliad’s portfolio has not been updated since April 15, 2019, when it closed the Flash 70 Giga on the market at 9.99 euros per month, which can only be activated for 5 days. The 30 Giga introductory offer has no longer been activated for some time.

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Iliad #TheTruthCode contest

Two years after its launch, Iliad is now active in Italy with 12 offices and has 31 March 2020 about 5.8 million users with a market share of over 7%.

The operator also focused on developing its proprietary network to reduce dependence on WindTre. Currently, Iliad has about 2900 active sites and over 5000 radio sites installed. In spite of the Coronavirus epidemic, only 900 sites in Italy have been activated this year alone.

Already in the MondoMobileWeb interview with Benedetto Levi, the CEO had stated that Iliad was developing its proprietary network infrastructure, which would join that of WindTre, with which the new entrant had guaranteed national coverage following the agreements between parts.

Hand in hand, Turnover also increased last quarter, which stood at € 150 million in the first quarter of 2020 (+ 86% compared to the same period last year).

On several occasions, CEO Benedetto Levi also discussed about the operator’s future plans, about “Many other revolutions” that Iliad is planning.

First, it has already been anticipated at Group level the desire to enter the fixed market, following the same communication strategy as the mobile, based on the transparency and simplicity of the offer.

In addition, the operator should continue to keep its offers open to all new customers, without target segmentation logic.

Clearly, the development of the Iliad network, which continues to be the business priority, is accompanied by the intention of keep betting on 5G, after the Italian auction that guaranteed the company the necessary frequencies.

On the subject of 5G and network coverage in general, Benedetto Levi recently stressed that they are continuing to circulate on the web numerous fake news on the dangers of the new generation network.

According to the CEO, this incorrect and unsupported scientific information information could lead local administrators to limit the spread of the network infrastructures of mobile operators and therefore slow down the country system through unjustified local measures.

Fake news that, among other things, hypothesize a connection between 5G and the Coronavirus epidemic, totally baseless and reported as untrue by operators, associations and international bodies.

Iliad Antitrust network

About Coronavirus, Iliad Group has responded to the crisis in Italy and France by securing employees and guaranteeing continuity of services.

However, as estimated by the Group’s CEO, Thomas Reynaud, the epidemic may end up slowing down the development of the network in Italy and France.

According to current estimates, However, Iliad aims to have 5000 sites active by the end of 2020, reducing losses in terms of EBITDA compared to last year.

For the strategic vision of the Odyssey Plan 2024instead, no change: the goal is to achieve around 10,000 or 12,000 sites in Italy by 2024, with revenues of 1.5 billion euros.

Two years after its launch in Italy, Iliad therefore continues to work on its network and to offer its offers in the Iliad Stores, in the various corners on the national territory and online.

The development plans are based on a growth in the customer base, which has already exceeded 7% of the total market share, and on the launch in the fixed segment. Meanwhile, on March 11, 2020, the prefix 352 with decade 0 was assigned to Iliad by MiSE.

Meanwhile, to celebrate its second anniversary, the company launched its #TheTruthCode competition today, May 29, 2020 which allows you to win an Apple iPhone 11 64GB smartphone if you guess a secret code through some daily clues.

Customers can follow the stories published on Facebook and Instagram profiles until June 4, 2020, to guess a 6-digit code to be inserted on a dedicated page to try to win an Apple iPhone 11 64GB.

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