Bellanova wants laborers “on the fly”: charter to bring foreigners to the fields


Agriculture Minister Teresa Bellanova does not give up on the rejection of the indiscriminate regularization of immigrants. In fact, raise. And it could shortly stage another masked amnesty attempt with a lot of engagement for foreigners who would land in Italy to work in the fields. Arriving no longer from the sea with makeshift boats or small boats or on NGO ships, but with special charter flights paid by the Treasury.

The crusade undertaken by Bellanova is enriched every day with a new chapter and that of the charters is the latest news even though she admitted that: “Even organizing charter flights is not an easy thing and above all we must know that these people must arrive in safe conditions and must be subjected to active quarantine “. Yes, however, she is very tempted to carry on this idea because it would have an immediate return of image: she would have won over those who believe, first of all Confagricoltura, that there are many Italians available to work in the fields and to provide their service by perceiving the income of citizenship. Nah. For the minister, the main road is instead to go and implement the so-called green corridor requested by Coldiretti. However, this road does not lack manifest tortuosity. First of all, the regularization of workers with the use of a residence permit for work reasons which does not meet the seasonality of the agricultural nature at all. The times between arrival, permit and collection should be more compressed to allow rapid legalization of foreigners.

There is also the dictation on the quarantine period which, to date, does not allow anyone to move freely before being isolated for a minimum of two weeks. Therefore new arrivals should be hosted in special reception structures. All and only for them.

But wouldn’t it be better to set up a call, province by province and hire those who have the papers in order, Italian first? Of course yes, it would certainly be easier and more linear, but it is clear that linearity is not a gift of the Giallorossi government. It goes without saying that a simple procedure would not allow for administrative loopholes.

Do Bellanova and her supporters really believe that when the seasonal contract is concluded, on the return home, will the same number of immigrants leave on those same charters? Pious illusion. Also because after the strawberry harvest there would be that of peaches, that of grapes, that of apples and oranges. Other than seasonal. Those workers would remain until someone went to realize how many slums similar to that of San Ferdinando in Calabria have been set up in the meantime.

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