Belen breaks the silence on Instagram and tells the truth about Stefano De Martino


It’s a Belen Rodriguez unpublished, fragile and sad-eyed the one who decided to break the silence on Instagram. The showgirl that we are used to seeing always sparkling and exuberant has decided to publish a video to tell her about the crisis with Stefano De Martino and on what was rumored to be a flashback with Andrea Iannone.

Belen is determined to clarify that there is nothing with her ex-boyfriend. His denial is practically immediate and starts from a face-to-face criticism to all those who had insinuated that there was more behind the casual meeting in Milan:

This is a difficult period for me because I didn’t expect it and I don’t even take responsibility for it, nor the blame. Because I’m a mom, I care about my family, I care about my relationship. I am a human person, I am a woman like all the others, who suffers like all the others. And when I see some illusions written on my account, I’m not there anymore.

Precisely because of this profound suffering Belen has stopped wearing a mask and pretending to be happy and putting the dots on her i. While not directly quoting Andrea Iannone, his claims go straight to the point:

If I am around the city and, by chance, people arrive, it is absolutely not my fault. Neither my responsibility nor an organized thing on my part. You know me pretty well and you know that I never organized things because I hate people who do it.

Nor does the beautiful presenter directly mention Stefano De Martino. The rumor of a new crisis with the dancer was born from the followers who noticed the disappearance of one from the other Instagram profile after a period that seemed almost idyllic, and the fact that Belen would have stopped wearing the wedding ring. However, Belen’s words are clear enough: with her husband, at the moment, the situation is not the best:

For all the rest, when I feel it, and I will do it and the explanations at a certain point must be given, I will tell how things are. Because otherwise others will take care of telling things and I’m not in this.

Clearly, in this period of frailty, Belen has no desire to talk about the reasons that are causing this estrangement with her husband. The truth is, however, it doesn’t matter what the reasons are: the greatest joy would indeed be to see her return to melt into one of his smiles contagious.

The last words of Belen’s video, in this regard, seem a promise: a promise made both to those who love it and to themselves:

I am a strong woman. And I will do it, as always.

The hope, therefore, is that soon you will find serenity. Regardless of what may be the events that will bring her back to Stefano or that will lead them on different roads.

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