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In a background posted on Dagospia, all dedicated to Recovery Fund and within the real reach of the instrument made available to Europe, there is also talk of Sergio Mattarellaor rather the man I second Dago he “holds the country in his hand”. In fact, he is the only true authority recognized abroad. And it would always be the president of the Republic to have weekly calls with Emmanuel Macron is Steinmeier, in addition to the direct line to David Sassoli. All this, to “putnell the European line that reserves the bulk of Italy’s funds”.

The objective shared by Merkel and Mattarella would be to keep the government on its feet, because Italy in a period like this would risk too much under the blows of international financial speculation. The point is, always note Dago, at this moment the margins of action of the tenant of the Colle are slightly reduced, or more than anything else compressed by a new emergency: that of the CSM, exploded with the interceptions of Luca Palamara. In fact, he writes Dago: “Despite what the quirinalist of the Courier service Marzio Breda, the CSM affair needs to be addressed sooner than later. The reform of an organ of constitutional importance cannot fail to pass through the hands of the President of the Republic, who also presides over it “, he concludes. In short, the case becomes a sort of other ally of Giuseppe Conte: the head of state in this at the moment it has so many problems that it cannot afford to change the guard at Palazzo Chigi.

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