Beginning of the school year, 331 million arriving at the schools: they will have to spend by 30 September. What can you buy



The note on the DL Relaunch for the expenditure of the funds allocated for 2020 for the purpose of the Coronavirus emergency is coming to schools. It is 331 million euros for 2020 and 39.23 million euros for the same year, but aimed at the state exams for 2019/20.

Here’s what you can buy

The educational institutions will therefore be able to identify, according to their specific needs, the interventions to be carried out and any related supplies of goods, services and works, taking into account, in the context of the reopening of the schools for the new school year and for the purpose of protecting the health and safety of both students and school staff, system, organizational and prevention measures for the containment of the Covid-19 infection that the Ministry will define in collaboration with the National Scientific Technical Committee and in agreement with the Trade Unions of the Education and Research Sector and the Management Area, on the basis of what has already happened for the regular performance of the final state exam of the second cycle of education.

Below, by way of non-exhaustive example, a first list of goods, services and works that schools can purchase with the resources made available by the decree in question is reported:

  • with regard to letter a):
    • staff training and updating services, with reference to the adoption and application of agile work (also for ATA staff in compliance with their duties), distance learning, safety in the workplace for the resumption of school activities in adequately in relation to the epidemiological situation;
    • professional services and technical assistance for safety in the workplace, for distance learning and for medical, health and psychological assistance;
    • laundry services;
    • waste removal and disposal services, including special waste;
  • with regard to letter b):
    • supply of protective devices and materials for individual hygiene (for example, surgical or community masks, FFP2, FFP3, disposable gloves, disinfectant gels);
    • supply of room hygiene products (by way of example, disinfectants for furnishings, floors);
    • supply of any other material, including consumables, in relation to the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 (by way of example, thermo scanners, plexiglass panels, first aid kit, cleaning machinery);
  • with reference to letter c):
    • purchase of digital platforms and tools to support the recovery of learning difficulties, also for distance learning, for students with disabilities, specific learning disorders and other special educational needs;
  • with reference to letters d) and e):
    • purchase and / or rental of digital and connectivity devices for less well-off students, also with the possibility of reimbursement of the cost of the subscription for connectivity for the duration of the emergency (for example, notebook, personal computer, tablet) ;
    • purchase and / or rental and leasing of hardware, including installation and training services for use;
    • maintenance services of hardware, software and other computer systems;
    • purchase software licenses;
    • purchase and / or rental and leasing equipment for the adaptation of laboratories for new teaching methods compatible with the emergency situation (for example, equipment for scientific laboratories, agri-food activities);
    • purchase tickets for virtual guided tours (for example, museums, art galleries);
    • supply of innovative publishing and teaching tools;
  • as regards letter f):
    • educational space design services to ensure safety conditions with respect to the epidemiological situation;
    • supply of school furniture, also with reference to distance learning (by way of example, modular modular desks);
    • services for planning and managing external areas to guarantee safety conditions with respect to the epidemiological situation (by way of example, adaptation and management of green areas);
    • design services and supply of special signs to guarantee the resumption of school activities in safe conditions with respect to the epidemiological situation;
    • supply and installation of surveillance products (for example, video cameras and monitors);
    • small maintenance and extraordinary cleaning, sanitization and disinfestation services;
    • maintenance services for furniture, gates and equipment (for example, laboratory equipment, gym equipment);
    • other interventions to adapt internal and external spaces and their equipment to carry out the teaching activity in safe conditions.

Expense schedule

Educational institutions will have limited time to spend these funds. By September 30th, the interventions must be completed or the awarding procedures completed.

The note

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