Before and after coronavirus. The 43-year-old nurse intubated for a month: that’s what happens to the body


Mike Schultz, a 43-year-old American nurse, probably contracted Covid-19 at an outdoor concert he went to with his boyfriend, Josh Hebblethwaite. It was the first week of March. On the 16th, Schultz went to hospital in Boston. He had started feeling unwell about two days ago. Then it got worse: he couldn’t breathe and he had a high fever. They hospitalized him and, little by little, intubated. When he woke up, he was in another, larger hospital, where he had been transferred to be able to ensure better treatment. Schultz was convinced a week had passed since they had sedated him to intubate him. In reality, four and a half had passed. After another ten days of convalescence in the hospital, the nurse was discharged. He recovered completely, but the disease had a macroscopic effect on his physique. This is demonstrated by a photo-comparison that Schultz himself published on his popular Instagram profile @thebearded_nurse a few days ago: on the left, a selfie taken about a month before falling ill; on the right, one made in hospital, struggling to stand after weeks of intensive care. I wanted to show everyone how hard it can be to stay in intensive care for weeks, he wrote in the caption that accompanies the photos, the coronavirus has reduced my lung capacity, but now I become stronger every day. I will return to the first one, maybe even healthier !. The post closes with a joke: Maybe I could even start doing cardio !.

Before contracting Covid, Schultz was in perfect health: not only does he have no chronic pathology, but also a sportsman used to training six days a week. It weighed about 86 kg. She lost 23 with her illness and hospitalization. Interviewed by BuzzFeed News, she said: I thought I was young enough to get away with it, and I know that many people think the same thing. With my post I wanted to show that it can happen to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old or if you have pre-existing medical conditions, it can still hit you. Schultz’s latest Instagram posts show him smiling in the company of his boyfriend while he indulges in a delicious take away for his birthday. Immediately after being hospitalized, he was able to fulfill a long-hatched desire, after 57 days of illness: hamburgers and milkshakes from McDonald’s. I haven’t fully recovered my sense of taste yet, so they tasted a little different, he confessed. For it was good !.

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