Before and after Coronavirus, here’s how it reduced my body in 30 days of intubation


Two photos compared, one before and the other after the illness. A 43-year-old nurse recovered from coronavirus has decided to show all the devastating effects that the COVID-19 can have on the physical. Mike Schultz, a 43-year-old American nurse, probably contracted the virus at a concert he attended with his partner in early March. On the 16th, he showed up in the hospital in Boston. He had started feeling unwell about two days ago. Then it got worse: breathing difficulties and high fever, up to the doctors’ decision to intubate him. Mike is awakened after four and a half weeks to another hospital where he had been transferred, convinced that he had been sedated only a few days. After another ten days of convalescence in the hospital, the nurse was discharged. He will recover, but the effects of Coronavirus have deeply affected him.

As the images shared by Mike show, before the hospitalization he weighed about 86 kilos and trained every day. He believed he was young, strong and healthy, therefore safe from the virus. He understood that this is not the case. “I wanted to show everyone how hard it can be to stay in intensive care for weeks – the 43-year-old wrote on his Instagram profile – the coronavirus has reduced my lung capacity, but now I become stronger every day. I will come back to the one before, maybe even in a healthier way! Maybe I could even start doing cardio! ”, He concluded jokingly and referring to his passion for body building. With illness and hospitalization he lost 23 kilos. Interviewed by BuzzFeed News, he said: “I thought I was young enough to get away with it, and I know that many people think the same thing. With my post I wanted to show that it can happen to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old or if you have pre-existing medical conditions, it can still affect you. “

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