Because Milan still needs Ibra. Because it is right that Gazidis will be at the helm of the club next year


They gave it for an old, rusty iron, and now, even at the end of his career after the last muscle insult so as to almost cause an instinctive rebellion. And not because Zlatan Ibrahimovic arouses a particular sympathy. Rather. The character is such as to fuel more criticisms, always, that praise an extraordinary talent and technical and physical qualities. Not only. Some of his declarations that denounce the presence of a stratospheric ego are more the mirror of his amazing motivations than the boast of a complex. On several occasions, and particularly after the recent crusader surgery, Ibra’s physical recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. Yet he, a year and a half ago, was so unsure of being able to return Ibra to renounce the Milan proposal that had been sent to him by Leonardo and Maldini. And in an equally sincere way, when he showed up at home for the first day as AC Milan 2.0 player, he repeated his mantra. “Before discussing a possible renewal I want to see how the body reacts and how I find myself in Italian football” the phrase that has a completely different register than that of a braggart.

Ibra has proven he is still him. Capable, to put it bluntly, of shifting the balance in Italian football. And his advent allowed Pioli’s Milan to get back on track and to try to climb the rankings after that shock Sunday in Bergamo at the end of December. The Swede was not only useful on the field. It was especially valuable in training and in the Milanello locker room where anyone who beat the limp or applied without the necessary concentration during training began to look malmostoso. To re-read the sentences of his associates, there was an almost triumphant welcome. And on the other hand, young and inexperienced Milan in those months needed a tutor with these characteristics to try to make a step forward. If we had been in the time of Berlusconi and Galliani, it is my personal belief that after the muscle injury, they would have come to his house to make him sign the renewal as a gesture as well as respect and gratitude, charge for the whole group.

They will tell me: too much nostalgia for times gone by that will never return. Very true. But the suggestion is made on purpose to develop a reasoning which is the following.

It is right that Gazidis will lead AC Milan for the first time next season. It is still right for him to choose the collaborators of the technical area without wanting to smooth the hair of “Milanism” by bringing Leonardo, Boban and Maldini into the house in sequence and therefore summoning the German Ralf Rangnick to Milanello. It is also right that the latter meets with Singer and that he receives the full mandate from the shareholder as was the case at the time with the visits of the new coaches to that of Arcore by Berlusconi. The point is that despite the muscle injury, Ibra’s Milan team, whatever the technical future and the preparation of the team, will still need. Because newcomers in particular need to have a model, one from which to learn how to prepare for a challenge, a training, a season. And this model must enjoy everyone’s esteem. Ibra responds to these characteristics.



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