Because in Hong Kong we go back to beating against China


What’s going on in Hong Kong? Marco Orioles’ article

Less than a year after the long cycle of popular demonstrations triggered by the regime’s attempt to pass an extradition law that would have compromised the autonomy of the island died out in Hong Kong, Beijing tries again and raises the immediate reaction of the square.

Just three days after the announcement by the National People’s Congress gathered in Beijing in these days to want to take advantage of the current session to launch with a constitutional stratagem a measure behind whose name in English (“Establishment and Improvement of the Legal System and Implementation Mechanism for the Safeguarding of National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region“) Conceals the most massive violation of the” One country, two systems “principle, the Hong Kongers have shown their anger to the world again.

Gathering around noon in the Causeway Bay area in spite of the lack of authorization from the authorities and without paying any attention to the rules of social distancing in force also on the island, about a thousand protesters marched waving blue flags and shouting independence slogans – acts that, when and if the new law is in force, their authors will be brought to jail.

It did not take long for the agents, present in large numbers, to intervene roughly trying to disperse the crowd with pepper spray and water cannons, but only succeeding in triggering moments of tension that they caused, as reported later by the police in a statement, multiple damages and the arrest of at least 180 people.

But the police showdown was nothing in the face of the firmness with which the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi yesterday rejected the criticisms rained from all over the world and claimed the goodness of the actions of his government.

Speaking to reporters from Beijing where the work of the National People’s Congress was underway, Wang reaffirmed not only that the central government has every right to enact security regulations, but that it will do so “without the slightest delay”.

Then explaining that his government, like any other in the world, holds “primary and ultimate” responsibility for national security in all its administrative regions, Wang made clear that Beijing will not tolerate “external interference”, noting that the trend of other countries poking his nose in Hong Kong affairs has seriously endangered China’s national security.

Far from being lonely, Wang’s words were part of a dense chorus that saw several Chinese broadcasters heading for foreign powers yesterday – very popular, for obvious reasons, the United States of America – who support “separatists” and “terrorists” for the sheer taste of weakening the Chinese Communist Party.

Far from intimidated, the US instead raised its voice through National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, quick to note that with the move by the National People’s Congress, China “is basically taking Hong Kong” , and this the US will prevent with blows of “sanctions that will be imposed on Hong Kong and China”.

O’Brien’s words reflect the provisions of the law signed last year by Donald Trump which confers on the State Department the responsibility of drawing up an annual report on the situation in Hong Kong for Congress and of launching, in case of anomalous behavior, the part of the regime affecting the autonomy of the island, punitive sanctions against Beijing.

State Department spokesman Mortan Ortagus recalled Thursday that the presentation of the report to parliament was delayed this year to allow for the possible annotation of “additional actions to further undermine the autonomy of Hong Kong that Beijing is contemplating. in sight and during the National People’s Congress “.

The following day, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had warned China by urging China to dismiss its “disastrous proposal” and to “respect the island’s high level of autonomy, democratic institutions and civil liberties”, candidly stating that the US “is with the people of Hong Kong”.

A new, extremely hard arm wrestling awaits the two rival superpowers against the backdrop of the new attempt by China to bend the indomitable inhabitants of Hong Kong and make the world accept the fait accompli of the end of the autonomy of which the Hongkongers go proud.


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