Because almost 1,000 shopping centers in Italy are likely to close forever


There coronavirus pandemic it risks putting an end to the almost 1,000 shopping centers in Italy (to be precise 955, to which are added 33 outlets). The complaint was launched by the journalist Mariella Bussolati in an in-depth analysis for the Italian edition of Business Insider. The article specifies how class 4 (high risk) has been assigned to the stores in question by the task force led by Vittorio Colao, former CEO of Vodafone. As demonstrated by the numbers registered in recent months by e-commerce sites and online marketplaces, the commerce sector is destined to change its face forever, with the shopping centers designated as the first victims.

Phase 2 for shopping malls

Obligation to wear a mask, enlisting professionals who monitor the number of people present in each shop, frequent sanitization works, installation of thermal scanners and dispensers at the entrance: these are just some of the measures taken by shopping centers in Italy to deal with the phase 2 and reopen safely, even if the real question mark is another: now that there is greater awareness about online shopping, how many people will continue to buy in physical stores? The answer to the question may be unwelcome to more than one shopkeeper, if we consider the numbers registered by giants such as Amazon or by the official websites of the most famous brands.

A look at the United States

Shopping malls are an invention of the United States of America, where brands such as Macy’s and Neiman Marcus were born. Some of them have already closed before the pandemic broke out, such as Henri Bendel’s and Barney.

Still others are slated to close over the next few months because they are finally brought to their knees by the covid. In this regard, according to a survey conducted by Green Street advisor, 50 percent of shopping centers in the US will lower their shutters forever by 2021.

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