Beaten to death in Manduria, three young men sentenced


The legal doctor Roberto Vaglio and Professor Carmine Chiumarulo of the University of Bari, experts appointed by the gup, had instead argued in their report that the stress from the repeated aggressions suffered over the years could be considered a contributing cause of the gastric perforating ulcer that led to the pensioner’s death.

The three young men were also acquitted of the crime of kidnapping. The public prosecutor Remo Epifani had asked for everyone to be sentenced to 20 years in prison. Crimes of personal injury, beatings, harassment, theft and housebreaking were also disputed for various reasons.

For 13 minors in other proceedings, the benefit of the test had already been granted with the suspension of the trial. Stano, according to what emerged from the investigations, was subjected to all kinds of harassment by multiple groups of young people who then post videos on Whatsapp chats.

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