Beaches in Romagna anticipated bathing season: beaches and establishments open on 23 May


The departure in the structures already adequate to the measures for Phase 2 of the Coronavirus emergency was anticipated by two days. The recommendation, reiterated by the Region, is to avoid concentration only in some portions of the coast, to facilitate the distancing between people

In Romagna, the beaches and establishments that have already adapted for Phase 2 of the Coronavirus emergency will reopen on Saturday 23 May, two days earlier than the official start of the swimming season on the Adriatic Riviera, initially scheduled for Monday 25 (CORONAVIRUS , LIVE UPDATES – THE SPECIAL). “After the publication of the protocols with the post-emergency coronavirus bathing guidelines – explains Andrea Corsini, regional councilor for tourism and transport – several establishments have organized themselves and are ready and equipped to guarantee safe services in the next few days. We therefore considered it right, after the long closure, allow to welcome the first customers from this weekend “.

The recommendations of the Region


Phase 2 for the beaches, the establishments are getting ready. PHOTO

The decision was made by the Emilia-Romagna Region. The recommendation, reiterated by the administration, led by Stefano Bonaccini, is to avoid concentrating only in some portions of the beach, to facilitate and guarantee safety and distance between people. In free beaches, Municipalities can provide for quota access.

The rules of Phase 2 on the beach


Coronavirus Italia, the “bonds” to reserve an umbrella on the beach

In summary, the protocols with the post-emergency coronavirus bathing guidelines provide, for bathing establishments, a minimum umbrella surface of 12 square meters (approximately 4 and 3 meters between umbrella and row posts); 1.5 meters between the beach equipment, such as sunbeds and deck chairs on the shoreline; numbering and assignment of seats or umbrellas; stewards specially trained to accompany guests to an umbrella or sunbed; meals ordered through a delivery service with delivery for consumption on the umbrella-bed, or in catering areas able to guarantee social distancing; play areas for children demarcated and with a maximum number of admitted admissions; toilets, showers and cabins cleaned and disinfected every day and with every change of clientele. Finally, free beaches with the possibility for municipalities to provide for quota access.

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