Beaches free from Friday, access with steward (but rebus checks): the rules of Lazio


Free beaches from Friday, 22 accesses with stewards (but rebus checks): the rules of Lazio

Assemblies on the beach, despite the prohibitions imposed by the mayor Raggi, starting the bathing season from Friday for all the municipalities of the Roman coast and a task force of checks – coordinated by the Prefecture – to monitor not only the beaches but also the roads leading to the coast. The coronavirus summer is uphill especially for Host where, two days after the opening of the season, the ordinance is expected to regulate the rules to be followed in establishments and free beaches. All Municipalities have given guarantees to officially open diving and sunbathing starting from Friday. Yesterday summit with the prefecture to launch the anti-gathering plan: roadblocks and jet skis at sea.

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“Rome will not be outdone by the other coastal resorts,” said the president of the 10th town hall Giuliana Di Pillo, responding to the mayor of Pomezia (also he, editor’s note) who has repeatedly expressed the desire not to open the beaches in the event that Rome was not ready to avoid assaults and gatherings. The Capitol this morning in the room of the Protomoteca will present the strategic plan for the sea in the summer of the coronavirus but 48 hours from the beginning to worry the Municipality and the X Municipality are the conditions of the free beaches. The only certainty – at the moment – is the baubeach, the area equipped for dogs, for which 65 thousand euros will be spent. The security puzzle remains. Starting with the lifeguards who – after the agreement skipped with the Coni – can be recruited in emergency with a direct assignment. This seems to be the strategy that the X Town Hall is following.

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Another problem is the quota access. The Municipality of Rome has created an app that will allow citizens to know, even before traveling, the availability of spaces still usable at the free beaches of Ostia. The X Town Hall and the Capitol have identified 22 entrances along the coast. Each access will be manned by a steward – from indiscretions recruited through a temporary agency – who will limit the entrances. If there is no space, bathers will be forced to desist. The beach will be divided into quadrants, each of 15 square meters, which families can access. The stewards will indicate to the bathers the areas to be occupied. The checks on the beach will be entrusted to the Coast Guard. The seamen of the harbor master’s office will support and support the local police of the X Mare Group. But who will supervise secondary accesses? Many of the free beaches have simple and low walls, climbing over which you can directly access the beach. Holes difficult to monitor. Just to “control” the flows of people, the Capitol is thinking of a point of the ordinance that prevents the passage of bathers along the shoreline and the movements by the shore.

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“Passages from one beach to another are prohibited because we have to be sure of how many people are on the beaches – said the councilor for the environment of the 10th town hall, Alessandro Ieva – and then maximum four people per family in the assigned positions ». The stewards at the entrance, then, will have to take the names of those who enter as happens to the managers of the plants? And with what authorizations will they be able to receive people’s confidential data? The latest news for summer 2020 in Ostia will be a lane on the pedestrian promenade. “If the beaches are full, those who come from outside will be able to take advantage of a free promenade, where you can ride a bicycle or skate safely”, concluded President Di Pillo.

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