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Spiaggia e Corornavirus, will change the way to enjoy the sea (Archive photo Ansa)
Pesaro, 22 May 2020 – From 29 May all to sea also in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. With warnings: no to groups of 10 young people under an umbrella. This practice is prohibited. An umbrella can contain a maximum of 3 or 4 people. Those who do not follow the rule lose twice: they will come fined and will cause trouble for the lifeguard who has not noticed the gathering.

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THE controls are entrusted to all law enforcement agencies but the main role will be the municipal police. Says the councilor for heritage Riccardo Pozzi: “We look forward to reading Annex C of the regional guidelines that have been developed with all the trade associations. But on one fact there will be no doubts: each umbrella will have a space of about 10 square meters, and will not be able to there are more than four people, one meter away from each other. We are not out of the danger of contagion, and for this reason nobody will have to feel immune. If two families intend to take an umbrella and sunbeds, they know that they will have to go there. turn. It will not be possible to do otherwise. On the controls we will also be careful to respect the rules, because we cannot go back after all the sacrifices imposed on each of us. So the challenge of returning to the sea will mainly concern young people, who will never have to lose of view the stakes. By the way: you can’t use slides or play beach tennis or beach volleyball. I think the ban also applies to card games You won’t even be able to make a trump at the lifeguard kiosk. ”

There Port authorities he explains that the control function “will mainly concern what happens in water where the distances between bathers, about one meter, must be maintained anyway”. And this does not seem at all easy to guarantee, unless the lifeguard is charged with a further burden of responsibility: to prevent someone from drowning and simply passing less than a meter from another bather. Walking in the water will be a zigzag path, with or without a mask. And with the children who will not be able to approach their friends to play. Which is impossible.


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