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Advantage after a quarter of an hour, seal after less than half an hour, padlock at the end of the first half, one, or rather, two stones above in the first 7 minutes of the second half. Bayern Munich is a stone crusher, Fortuna Dusseldorf is too weak, as evidenced by the 40 points difference in the standings, and in this game they looked like two teams of different categories. Bayern scored the first two goals on the development of corner kicks, with Jorgensen’s own goal on Pavard’s shot and with Pavard himself, on the head, on Kimmich’s corner. But the third goal was a masterpiece, which came to the end of an overwhelming and spectacular action: Alaba’s vertical pass, Lewandowski’s veil, the ball arrived in the area and Kimmich touched it behind the heel, Müller touched it up with the inside and Lewandowski put it inside on the first pole. The defense of Fortuna had no way of intervening, it ended up inside the Bavarian pinball machine.

BAYERN ONLY – If you take away a good chance wasted by Karaman (Davies’ rescue) on 0-2, the Düsseldorf team could not help but witness Bayern’s dominance. Since the Bundesliga started again, this was the league leaders’ fourth game, four wins, 13 goals scored, 2 conceded and above all 10 points ahead of Borussia Dortmund, who will play tomorrow afternoon against Padeborn. Bayern continued to rage in the second half and in 7 minutes reached 5-0. He scored Lewandowski again with another technical gesture of phenomenon: from Coman to Gnabry, cross on the grass, heel of the Pole, 4-0. It was marked by Jorgensen whose reaction, as soon as he scored the goal, was a laugh. “What can I do about it?“. Nothing, against Lewadowski someone like Jorgensen can do nothing. The 5-0 was all of Davies who stripped the ball from Stoger’s uncertain feet, dragged it into the area overcoming the tender calves of Jorgensen and Bodzek and finally thrown into the net. It was already over before, let alone now. The beauty, we would also say the strength of this team, is that on 5-0 he continued to attack, pushing more and more behind Fortuna.

THAT LEWA MONSTER – A separate chapter is dedicated to Robert Lewandowski. Staying dry in the match against Borussia Dortmund (however a left post, not his favorite foot, and a good performance), the Pole could not skip the second race in a row. As mentioned, his goals were applause and with the brace he reached 29 in the Bundesliga, where he is the undisputed top scorer, 44 in the whole season, 231 in 317 Bundesliga games. Score and play for the team. This time he showed up on the first occasion with an assist for Müller (Kastenmeier parade). Here’s the difference: if Lewa assists for Müller it may not even reach the goal, but if Müller does for Lewa, that is the goal.


Bayern Munich-Fortuna Düsseldorf 5-0
BAYERN MONACO (4-2-3-1): Neuer 6; Pavard 7 (17 ‘st Odriozola 6) Alaba 7 L. Hernandez 6 (1’ st Cuisance 6) Davies 7.5; Kimmich 7 Goretzka 6.5; Coman 6.5 (17 ‘st Perisic 6) Müller 6.5 (30’ st Zirkee sv) Gnabry 6.5 (34 ‘st Batista Meier sv); Lewandowski 8.5. Subs not used: Ulreich, J. Boateng, Javi Martinez, Singh.
Trainer: Flick 7.5FORTUNA DUSSELDORF (4-1-4-1): Kastenmeier 5.5; Zimmermann 5 (22 ‘st Zimmer sv) Jorgensen 4 Hoffmann 5 Giesselmann 5; Bodzek 4.5; Skrzybski 5 Morales 5 (12 ‘st Berisha 5) Stoger 4,5 (12’ st Sobottka sv) (27 ‘st Pledl sv) Thommy 5 (22’ st Suttner sv); Karaman 5. Available: Rensing, Bormuth, Ofori. M. Coach: Rosler 5

REFEREE: Hartmann 6.5
MARKERS: 15 ‘pt Jorgensen (F) own goal, 29’ pt Pavard (B), 43 ‘pt Lewandowski (B), 5’ st Lewandowski (B), 7 ‘st Davies (B)
YELLOW CARDS: 26 ‘pt Karaman (F) for foul play, 45’ st Suttner (F) for protests.

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