Barcelona-Naples: Uefa filters a sensational news! Gattuso doesn’t want distractions


Uefa filtered a sensational indiscretion regarding the Champions League matches that have yet to be played.

According to today’s edition of the Republic the race with the Barcelona is far away, even if an interesting indiscretion for Napoli filtered out yesterday. All the final stages of the tournament could be moved to one location, probably in Qatar. In that case the revenge with the Catalans would not be played in Spain, but in neutral field. A sensational indiscretion that is also confirmed by the Bild, a well-known German newspaper.

Gennaro Gattuso he does not want distractions, however, and since yesterday he has targeted the Italian Cup, intensifying athletic, technical and tactical work. The countdown started yesterday at Castel Volturno, where Napoli trained with a decision and a decidedly different attitude compared to the previous days. The team was subjected to the eighth buffer in the space of two and a half weeks, but above all to the stresses on the field by Gattuso.

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