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We focus on Lautaro, it is an important asset for the club. We do not want to sell it, then there is a 111 million clause and the only possibility that exists today to see the player away from Inter is precisely the payment of that clause“. The sports director Inter, Piero Ausilio it could not have been clearer than that in responding to the media pressure from Spain that continues to be poured on the Nerazzurri club to see Lautaro Martinez with the shirt of Barcelona. The Catalan club is seriously interested, has the agreement with the player, but the economic accounts of the deal are far from obvious.111 MILLION AND COUNTERPARTS – We had told you about the opening of Inter already granted to Barcelona last January to negotiate with Lautaro as long as the Catalan club paid the 111 million euro clause in his contract and expiring on 15 July. The words of Ausilio in the press served to reiterate that position even if today, with the coronavirus emergency that has heavily affected the accounts of the companies, arriving at the unilateral and immediate payment of that figure seems far-fetched and, for this reason, Barcelona are trying to insert counterparts into the deal.

THE INTEGRATION CASE PROBLEM – Not just one, as proposed by Inter to meet the Catalan club, but more than one and with important evaluations. The reason is purely economic, but it also lies in a detail that, the Spanish media report, is not insignificant for Barcelona. In fact, at the beginning of the pandemic, the club chose to use the ERTE tool (our layoffs) for most of its employees. Going on the market and spending 111 million euros for the purchase of a player in a period in which the club was forced to resort to this tool for its workers is at least tax-threatening.THE STRATEGY – From Barcelona they make it known that important tax audits are underway every year and the goal of the club remains to reduce budget costs, but this should not affect market management. The purchase of Lautaro Martinez, on balance, remains possible although it will be necessary to place many of the current redundancies and sell well. Inter waits for the right offer for Lautaro, does not agree to drop below 90 million cash plus a counterpart valued at economically fair numbers. Barcelona do not give up, but to make ends meet it will take a lot of effort.

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