Bannon reopens school and leaves Italy: “Beijing wants dominion and Di Maio doesn’t understand it”


Steve Bannon won: he can open his “school of gladiators of populism and nationalism” in the Certosa di Trisulti, in the province of Frosinone. “We knew we had the law on our side,” says former Donald Trump strategist on the phone from Washington.

Victory in court

The Tar of Latina, the day before yesterday, canceled a provision of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage that revoked the assignment of the abbey to the Dignitatis Humanae Institute, the association linked to Bannon. The act started late – the TAR decided – when the limit of eighteen months from the granting of the concession had expired. The ministry will appeal to the Council of State, but Bannon announces that on 1 June the Academy will open enrollments and courses will start remotely on 1 July due to the pandemic. “We hope that the students can go to the monastery in person for the spring of 2021, but it will depend on a possible second wave of infections.” For years Bannon has said that a clash has been underway between the Judeo-Christian West and China, “the battle against a radical party that will stop at nothing for world domination”. Enrollment in the school is open «to people of all ethnic groups and religions. We do not want to convert them to the Judeo-Christian faith but to spread their cornerstones. I preached it for two years traveling around Europe and it is more pressing than ever in the week in which the Chinese Communist Party represses the freedoms of Hong Kong. War clouds gather on the horizon. Europe must understand that we are back in 1938 “.

Why do you want to open the school in Italy?
«It would have been easy to give up the project, to carry it out elsewhere, not to face huge legal costs. But I believe in the Italian people and in the symbolic importance of Rome. And now you have Di Maio and the Five Stars who have succumbed to the Chinese Communist Party, to a totalitarian dictatorship, for the money and with embarrassing naivete: this is one of the reasons why I refuse to leave Italy and the monastery “.

The Ministry says that Dignitatis Humanae did not have the requirements for the assignment of the abbey, which obtained it with an inflated curriculum and false documents on the financial strength of the project, according to a reconstruction of “La Stampa”.
«Government lies. It is a purely political issue. Nobody in the world right now wants to invest in Italy. Someone wants to take a monastery that hasn’t seen government spending for decades and do something that will help the community. What about them? They make it difficult for him. You will have a far worse situation than the pandemic, you will have an economic hell caused by a corrupt and incompetent political class ».

Do you still intend to collaborate with Armando Siri?
“We want to partner with the Siri school and also with the Maréchal school (Le Pen’s granddaughter) but ours will be more international”.

But have you lost support within the Church?
“The Vatican is a cesspool of corruption, incompetence and debauchery, the last thing we need at the Academy is to get involved with those monsters.”

Cardinal Raymond Burke, who was honorary president of the institute, stole his support, he writes Reutersafter Bannon said he wanted to make a film based on a book on homosexuality in the Vatican.

May 28, 2020 (change May 29, 2020 | 00:03)


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