Bankitalia, Visco: “Tax evasion increases the weight of taxes, they must be rethought”


The reorganization “must aim to recompose the tax burden for the benefit of productive factors“For Visco” the injustices and the profound distorting effects that derive from evasion is black they reverberate on the ability of companies to grow and innovate and generate revenues at the expense of the efficiency of the production system “.

“Recover the tax base and improve the use of EU funds” – The public resources needed “to finance all these interventions and encourage the productive use of private ones can come from a recomposition of the public budget, a recovery of the tax base and a reduction in the risk premium on government bonds, from a pragmatic and prudent use of European funds “, underlined the number one of Bankitalia.

“Funds never free, Europe’s debt belongs to everyone” – “A new relationship is indispensable also in Europe”, said Visco. “Each country must use the resources made available by the European institutions. European funds can never be ‘free’, the European debt is everyone’s debt and Italy will always contribute significantly to the financing of Community initiatives, because it is the third economy of the Union “.

“Strong consequences at work, young people most affected” – The recession caused by the coronavirus “will have significant repercussions on the labor market” and young people will be most affected by the crisis. According to Ignazio Visco, “the fall in economic activity has reduced new employment opportunities, particularly affecting young people who for the first time appear on the job market, those who are habitually engaged in seasonal activities, with fixed-term contracts or apprenticeship. It affects more traditionally the activities traditionally carried out by self-employed workers and irregular work, which is still too widespread in our country. Participation in the labor market has fallen by almost 300 thousand units “.

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