Bankitalia: 38% of those who have a mortgage are in difficulty with installments – Fondimpresa


“In April, 38% of borrowers said they had difficulty paying installments due to the Covid-19 epidemic.” This is the data that emerges from the extraordinary survey on families conducted by the Bank of Italy and reported in the annual report of Palazzo Koch.
“The percentage – it is noted – is higher among self-employed workers and those employed in the commerce and restaurant sector (52% and 64%, respectively)”.
On the other hand, underlines Via Nazionale, “the health emergency and the measures to suspend production activities adopted to contain it have led to a marked deterioration in the economic condition for all families”. The information received from the survey, on a sample of over 3 thousand individuals, testify to this.

The effects of the pandemic are found almost everywhere. Among the indebted for consumer purposes, the share of those in difficulty in paying the installments is, on average, 34%. The reserves available to many families are limited: “individuals who have declared that they have accumulated sufficient savings – reads the report – for essential consumption (food, heating, hygiene, etc.) and, if indebted, for the payment of installments for no more than three months, they are 38% of the total; the percentage rises to over 50% if the person is a worker with a fixed-term contract or the family income has more than halved as a consequence of the pandemic “. Who can feel more comfortable, the financially more solid people, with sufficient resources to meet these expenses at least until the end of the year, are instead about a third of the total “. The Bank of Italy recalls that to deal with critical issues The government has strengthened the Gasparrini Fund for those who have a mortgage to pay on their backs, precisely with the provisions linked to the Covid emergency. Furthermore, it is recalled, “for a part of the families it is also possible to obtain the suspension of payments or the extension of the duration of the loans through the activation of the clauses already provided for in the contracts”.


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