“Banked” adults are worried about their money


Household saving habits have changed. Three months of lockdown marked a watershed: the vision for the future has changed. Let’s find out why “banked” adults are worried about their money. Before going into the merits of the shares it should be explained to whom we refer: holders of a bank account or bank / postal passbook. In Italy 35 million people are in these conditions. The sample taken as reference is of 1063 adults “banked” half are also investors. At this point we see what emerges from the investigation curated by Anima Sgr, in collaboration with the market research company Eumetra Mr.

Clouds on the horizon

Expectations for the future are very bad, the “banked” ones believe that the economic situation and financial strength will worsen. The same slice of respondents who wear investors’ shoes also think the same. The coronavirus affair will have a negative impact in the medium to long term with a drop in demand in many areas of consumption. The weight of the coronavirus is felt. Concerns include pandemics and infectious diseases, recession and unemployment, financial shocks, climate change. Investments are not immune: half of the respondents are seriously worried about their money given the trend in international financial markets.

What to do with investments

Half of the respondents believe that they will freeze their investments and postpone non-essential purchases. Doing so will help increase the households’ savings capacity. The emergency is frightening and to better counter it, save money.

Interest in ESG issues

The health emergency brought bankers closer to the investment issues Environment, Social, Governance, acronym ESG. The choices to be made also take into consideration these investments for which there was not much interest before. There are people who are more interested in understanding the quality of sustainability of ESG funds and the companies in which they invest regardless of performance. “Banked” adults are worried about their money as the economic situation evolves but meanwhile they wink at ESG investments.

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